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Visitation Guidelines

Special Message: Updated IDOC COVID-19 Response July 9


Public Visitation:

To limit the opportunity of introducing the COVID-19 virus to a prison facility, visitations at this facility have been suspended until further notice. This includes Volunteer Staff. 


Attorney Visits:

General legal visits conducted in-person by attorneys with offenders will be suspended through August 1st, 2020. Accommodations will be made to allow for confidential phone calls. The offender must have the attorney's phone number added to their approved telephone list. All calls are 'collect' unless the offender utilizes prepaid minutes.


Further Updates on Public Visitation and Attorney Visits:

Please return to this site for updates about restrictions for public and volunteer staff visitation, as well as any extension of the ending date for attorney / offender in-person visitation.  Once restrictions are lifted the regular ‘Visiting Guidelines’ listed below will again be in effect.


Visiting Guidlines:

Contact visits are currently authorized per IDOC Policy 01-02-107 
Visits are Friday thru Sunday 8:00am to 2:00pm. This will continue until further notice.

Food items shall no longer be allowed to be consumed in the visiting room. You may purchase food from the vending machines which the offender you are visiting may take back to their housing unit to consume. Any food item opened in the visiting room shall be confiscated and destroyed, additionally you may subject to visiting restrictions. CIF shall be utilizing a K9 unit at visitor processing as well as the visiting room. These animals are not to be touched or approached in any manner. Instructions regarding the K9 unit shall be given by the dog’s handler during the search procedure.

There is a (2) hour time limit on visitation. If the visiting room is at captacity the visitation length may be reduced to accommodate all visitors.

Please remember to always contact the facility before coming to visit for the latest visit updates. (765) 778-8011.