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Facility History

Facility History

The Pendleton Correctional Facility is a level three maximum security adult male facility located in Pendleton, Indiana, on State Road 67 approximately 25 miles northeast of Indianapolis. The facility property consists of approximately 500 acres, 33 acres of which are located within the perimeter of a 30 foot wall. The facility also operates a minimum-security dormitory located adjacent to the main facility.
The present day Pendleton Correctional Facility can trace its origin to the banks of the Ohio River in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The first Indiana State Prison was constructed in Jeffersonville in 1821. In 1861, the facility at Michigan City was established and Jeffersonville became known as the Indiana State Prison South and the institution at Michigan City was designated as the Indiana State Prison North. The housing of offenders was primarily determined by the geographical location of the sentencing court whereby the old National Road (U.S. 40) was established as the dividing line.

In 1897, as a result of the penological reform movement prevalent at that time, the Jeffersonville facility was designated as the Indiana Reformatory. In 1918, a fire destroyed a significant portion of the Reformatory in Jeffersonville resulting in the Legislature passing a bill in 1921 to relocate the facility. Ultimately, the site at Pendleton was selected and construction on the new Reformatory began in March 1922. Many of the existing buildings (e.g. the Administration Building, the cellhouses, and K Dormitory) are a product of this 1922-23 construction. Five housing units (I-Complex) were completed in 1985. A new Infirmary was completed in September, 1988. Renovations were completed in 2002 to G & H Cellhouses. J Cellhouse renovations were completed in 2005. Renovations to K-Dorm were completed in 2009.
In 1996, pursuant to House Enrolled Act 1229 passed by the Legislature and signed by former Governor Bayh, the Department of Correction was permitted to change the names of the facilities so the designations were more representative of the geographical areas in which they are locate. As the result of this legislation the Indiana Reformatory was renamed the Pendleton Correctional Facility.