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Grant Procedural Manual

Grant Entity Procedural Bulletins (Revised 06/2018)

Table of Contents

Section 1: General Division Policies

Section 1-1 Mission and Vision

Section 1-2 Legal Foundation

Section 1-3 Advisory Boards

Section 1-4 Entity Policies and Required Documentation

Section 2: Grants and Contractual Compliance

Section 2-1 Purpose of the Grant

Section 2-2 Grant Application Process

Section 2-3 Contract Agreement

Section 2-4 Technical Assistance

Section 2-5 Notification of Contract Non-Compliance

Section 2-6 Critical Incidents

Section 2-7 Entity Grievances to IDOC

Section 3: Evidence Based Practices

Section 3-1 Eight Principles of Effective Intervention

Section 3-2 Site Programmatic Audits

Section 3-3 Continuous Quality Assurance

Section 3-4 Training

Section 3-5 Performance Measures

2020 Performance Measures - Blank Form

Section 4: Statistical Reporting

Section 4-1 Statistical Reporting Overview

Section 4-2 Community Corrections Quarterly Report and Resource Manual

Section 4-3 1006 Quarterly Report and Resource Manual

Section 4-4 Monthly Snapshot

Section 4-5 Syncplicity