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Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an opportunity for an employee desiring to become familiar with a different job, the chance to observes an experienced employee. Job shadowing allows a student, employee, or intern to gain comprehensive knowledge about what an employee who holds a particular job does. Job shadowing provides a far richer experience than reading a job description or doing an informational interview during which an employee describes his or her work. Job shadowing allows the observer to see and understand the nuances of a particular job. The job shadowing employee is able to observe how the employee does the job, the key deliverables expected from the job, and the employees with whom the job interacts.

Benefits of Job Shadowing

Gain Valuable Insight and Assist in Decision Making

By observing how the person interacts with their co-workers, participating in the activities that they face every day, and seeing what it takes to “be that person”, the individual will gain insight into whether that position is something they want to pursue.

Pre-employees /employees who participate in the Job Shadowing Program are able to receive a firsthand look at the workplace in a career of their choice and make valuable networking contacts. The program offers a chance for pre-employees/employees to explore possible career fields through observation and discussions with professionals at a selected job site.

Build Confidence
The individual may often feel intimidated about performing tasks for the first time. Job shadowing allows them to have some background into the workings of the position.

Building Rapport With Other Employees
Exposure to the group can often help the employee identify best practices for the position. Job shadowing will help integrate the person into the work team more quickly.

Reaffirm Commitment
The job shadowing experience will help the individual decide whether a position they are considering is one they can see enjoying for the long term career.

How do I Participate in the Job Shadow Program?

  • You must meet the minimum requirements for the position you are requesting to Job Shadow.
  • The Job Shadow must be in a different job classification of your current position.
  • You must also be discipline free for at least one year.
  • Only one Job Shadow shall be permitted per 12 month period.
  • Once the application has been completed it is the applicant’s responsibility to acquire signatures from their immediate supervisor, Human Resource Department, Training Department and the PPCC committee
  • Upon approval, the Facility/Division Head will assign a specified amount of training hours no less than 7.5 and no more than 37.5 for the assigned position.
  • The Facility/Division Head will designate a Job Shadowing Coach.
  • Applicants are responsible for their own traveling expenses if shadowing at another facility/division.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity please contact your Training Coordinator!