Camp Summit Boot Camp

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Security Level

Avg Daily Population
Calendar Year 2008 - 85


Cecil K. Davis

Contact Info
Phone: (219) 326-1188
Fax: (219) 326-9218 
2407 N 500 W
LaPorte, IN 46350

John Galipeau,
Asst. Superintendent

Media Contact
Cecil K. Davis

Visiting Guidelines

Saturday & Sunday   1- 4pm


Camp Summit Boot Camp is a Department of Correction, medium to high security, Juvenile Male Facility. The program is approximately 6 ½ months in duration and includes military drill and ceremony, physical training, full-time education program, substance abuse treatment group, individual and family counseling.

Our Comprehensive Case Management consists of on orientation level, 4 growth levels, two transition levels, and a release level. Parents are required to have at least one family session prior to their son’s graduation from the program. Graduation requirements include but are not limited to scheduling of aftercare, completion of 8 hours of community service, education, and treatment programs.

Individual Growth/Transition/Release Plans are developed for each student and updated at periodic multi-disciplinary treatment teams.

Individual Aftercare, Career, and Relapse Prevention Plans are completed prior to each student’s graduation.

• Education: Camp Summit has one full time Educational Coordinator, Four full time teachers, two teacher’s assistant, and an education secretary. Four credits can be earned: Math, English, History, and Reading. Computer based classes are available as well. Students who are 17 or older are required to complete their GED prior to graduation from Camp Summit. The education program is accredited.

• CCMS Group: 1hr per week, open ended group designed to be a dynamic, pro-active approach to teaching students how to use their growth plans, discuss progress on interventions, set daily goals, measure progress, etc.

• Stay SHARP Substance Abuse Treatment Group: This group is based on cognitive, behavioral, and learning theory with the focus on skill building, developing a reliable support system, and satisfactory completion of a relapse prevention plan. Substance Abuse Education is integrated into Stay SHARP.

• Thinking for a Change: Thinking for a Change is a closed ended cognitive/behavioral program, facilitated by trained staff. The program is presented in a group format, is comprised of at least 12, 1.5 hour sessions and is at least 12 weeks in duration. Thinking For A Change encourages students to gain awareness into the connection between their thoughts and behaviors, to use that awareness to begin catching their irrational/criminal thoughts, and to replace them with rational/pro-social thoughts. Program effectiveness is measured by a pre and post-test, homework, role-plays, and group discussion.

• Napoleon Hill’s Keys for Success: A 12 2hr session, closed ended curriculum that is values based and makes the connection between positive/pro-social characteristics and success, not only monetarily but as a human being. This is the Moral Reconation/conscience building component of our program. These classes are funded by a grant through Purdue University Calumet.

• Normative Culture: The Normative Culture comes from the Normative Model, developed by the North American Family Institute. It is a research-based program that defines the culture at our facility for students and staff as well as teaching skills such as problem solving, decision-making, anger management, communication, etc. The guidelines for acceptable behavior are defined by the general orders, norms, and rules. Tools that are used include SAMS and WHIPS (a problem solving tool), a token economy (behaviorally anchored points system), and the disciplinary system that is directly connected to the general orders, norms, and rules. Effectiveness of this program is measured by direct observation and feedback from students and their parents.

• Physical Fitness: Our physical fitness program is comprised of calisthenics, running, a  weight lifting circuit course,  and structured recreation, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, and touch football.

• Team Building: A variety of staff facilitated exercises designed to promote communication, cooperation, problem solving, decision making, and leadership.

• Drill and Ceremony: Designed to teach students to follow instructions, work as a team, develop coordination, and to think on their feet.

• O’ Course (Obstacle Course): Designed to inspire teamwork and to instill confidence.

• Community Involvement/Community Service: All Camp Summit students are required to plan and complete at least 8 hours of service in their home community. Students also participate in facility based community service. These projects include Habitat for Humanity, The American Red Cross Bloodmobile, The Salvation Army and United Way food drives, the La Porte County Parks department, and a variety of community based non-profit or not-for-profit agencies. Students learn the value of giving back to the community as well as helping those less fortunate than them. They also learn valuable skills through the home building projects of Habitat for Humanity.

• Religious Services: Camp Summit meets the religious needs of our students by offering services per the Religious Services Master Design. These services are provided per policy and the Religious Services Master Design by our Community Involvement Coordinator. This program meets best practices by being research based and by meeting one of the top three needs of our students, Social/Behavioral Skills.

• Bookmobile: The Bookmobile is provided by the La Porte County Public Library bi-weekly. Seniors are assigned a library card and given the privilege of checking books out from the bookmobile. Skills learned include how to use a library as well as accountability for the books they check out.

• Community Advisory Board: Camp Summit has a Community Advisory Board comprised professionals from the community including the Mayor of La Porte, the La Porte Chief of Police, the director of the Lubeznick Center for the Arts, two local pastors, a representative from a local news paper, and the Executive Director La Porte Habitat for Humanity. Our grant funded art program, increased involvement including a proposed vocational partnership with Habitat for Humanity, and a proposed vocational partnership with the La Porte County Parks department. This program meets best practices by meeting one of the top three needs of our students, Social/Behavioral Skills.

• Other Volunteer Programs: HIV/STDs provided quarterly by a volunteer is a 1.5 hour workshop that teaches the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases as well as prevention. A pre and post-test and class participation are utilized to measure effectiveness. 

Community Advisory Board


Tentatively scheduled on the first Wednesday of each month's meeting:

  • March 24, 2010 at Indiana State Prison
  • June 2, 2010 at Westville Correctional Facility
  • September 1, 2010 at Camp Summit
  • December 1, 2010 at Indiana State Prison


Jim Arnold
State Senator, Indiana State Senate

Scott Pelath
State Representative, Indiana House of Representatives

Michael Mollenhauer
Sheriff, LaPorte County

David Decker
Board of Correction (former)

Tom Dermody
State Representative

Jerome Ezell
Major, Indiana State Police

Paula Siminski 
Director, Portage Adult Education Center 

James Gunning
Town Marshall, 106 Ridge Street

Neil Hannon
Chief Adult Probation Officer

John Kintzele
Chief of Services, Michigan City Police Department

Dr. Roger Krynock 
Grace College 

Yvette Salinas
Supervisor, Gary Parole Office

Tammy O'Neil
Program Director, Porter County PACT

Michael Pendergast
Catholic Deacon

Gene Rice
International Director (former), Lion's Club

Rick Richards

Regina Ruddell
President, Westville Chamber of Commerce

James Stemmler

Karen Wilson-Freeman
Attorney at Law

Joan Wiseman
Academic Director, Brown Mackie College

Chris Yagelski
Sergeant Public Info Officer, Michigan City Police Department

Gavin Mariano
Director, Youth as Resources

Kellie Bittorf
Lake County Community Corrections

Jim Jessup
Executive Director, Leadership LaPorte County

Barbara Burkett
Work One