First Step

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Reception-Diagnostic Center (RDC):


Even though RDC has no programs in place per se due to nature of our task, the facility is still contributing in a positive manner to the reentry process; and does so from the first day an offender is committed to the Indiana Department of Correction (DOC).

  1. RDC is assisting qualified offenders meet entrance requirements of any Armed Forces military branch.
  2. RDC has partnered with a Sheltering Wings, a women’s shelter in Danville, IN; providing assistance to women and children in domestic abuse situations.
  3. RDC is implementing an informational video that includes state-wide DOC facilities: various educational options, programming, vocational training, and other opportunities to hasten the offenders’ successful reentry into local communities.
  4. RDC is providing transportation county-to-county for transfer of jail offenders committed to DOC; providing them with a facility environment that has the life-skills programming or educational opportunities that does assist them with individual successful community reentry.
  5. RDC is in the process of moving all DOC offender state records that shall be inventoried, stored, and maintained on-site. This ensures a more efficient records-keeping system; improving timeliness and accuracy of first-hand information sought.
  6. RDC is providing Extradition Trips to all 50 states.
  7. RDC is constantly reviewing/ revising all areas of administration and operations to ensure that the DOC mission of successful reentry is carried out in an efficient and positive manner.
  8. RDC began implementation of TABE testing for all offenders, which should allow them to be placed into programs in a more timely manner.
  9. RDC began requesting birth certificates for all offenders born in Indiana, which will allow these offenders to obtain proper identification upon release.