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Clean Lifestyle is Freedom Forever

Indiana Department of Correction Responds to the Emergent Increases of Methamphetamine with Substance Abuse Treatment Unit

The Indiana Department of Correction has developed and implemented a specialized intensive substance abuse treatment unit and program entitled "Clean Lifestyle is Freedom Forever" (CLIFF).
Inmate admission criterion for the CLIFF Therapeutic Unit includes:

  • A significant history of substance abuse with significant impairment caused by methamphetamine use
  • A projected release date that falls within 14 and 36 months at time of admission
  • No institutional incidents involving weapons or assault for at least one year.
  • Must have good disciplinary conduct history

Offenders who participate in the CLIFF Therapeutic Community benefit in several ways:

  • They complete their sentences in a conducive rehabilitative environment
  • They learn to restructure their thinking and change their behavior
  • They develop a comprehensive re-entry plan that includes viable life skills, relapse prevention strategies, and best placement for continuing growth
  • They become eligible for up to a six month time-reduction