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The Division of Parole Services was established within the Indiana Department of Correction in the 1960’s severing its relationship with the State Welfare Department.  Parole Services is charged with enhancing public safety by providing community based supervision and services for adult offenders through the use of evidence based practices as they transition from a Correctional Facility to Community Supervision.  Parole Services Division operates out of ten district offices located across the State.


Parole District Offices
Parole Re-Entry Programs


In effort to raise the bar in improving and utilizing post release services and programs, the Parole Division in a statewide effort partnered with other agencies to implement/utilize the following re-entry programs:
Division of Parole Services Contact Information
    Troy Keith
Director of Parole Services
    (317) 232-5711
Deputy Director – Operations
  Mia Kelsaw
  Deputy Director – Administration
  (260) 484-3048
Christopher M Tanis
Program Director 1
Electronic Monitoring & Training Supervisor
(219) 880-2000 X 232
Tracy Berry
Program Director 1
SOMM & Lifetime Parole Supervisor
(317) 232-5719
Joel Gruber
Program Director 1
Deputy Interstate Compact Administrator
(317) 232-5972
Robert Hays II
Program Director 1
Statistical Data & Research Analyst

(812) 424-9821
Mailing Address
IDOC - Division of Parole Services
Indiana Government Center South
302 W Washington Street, Room E 334
Indianapolis, IN 46402-2738