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Staff Development & Training

Staff Development and Training

The Division of Staff Development and Training provides state-of-the-art instruction to department employees and to other stakeholders. The curriculum is developed and enhanced with assistance from Training Committees, the National Institute of Corrections, the American Correctional Association, and others. The courses are coordinated by Correctional Training Institute staff, dedicated to providing students individual and professional development opportunities. Training programs are also supported by many adjunct trainers and subject mater experts throughout the Department.

Mission Statement

We provide valuable learning experiences that empower the agency and its partners to maximize performance and achieve their full potential through best practices.

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IDOC Employees + Training = College Credits

IDOC is partnering with Ivy Tech to offer college credits for staff completing NETP and MAC.

  • Staff completing NETP will receive 7 college credits at no cost to them or IDOC.
  • Juvenile Staff completing MAC will receive 3 additional college credits for a total of 10 credits at no cost to them or IDOC.


Staff will need to apply and attend Ivy Tech and provide a copy of their NETP Certification.

After staff apply, enroll and provide the certification Ivy Tech will process and provide the credit hours discussed above. This applies for all New Staff and Veteran Staff that have completed the academy since 1998.


IDOC staff will receive the discounted state employee tuition rate.

Staff would need to identify themselves as state employees (recent paystub/ ID) to get the state employee rate (currently at $111.15 per credit hour).


The IDOC and Ivy Tech Community College will work together with staff who wish to pursue their education, with minimal up-front cost to the student.

By working with Ivy Tech Community College and utilizing the IDOC tuition reimbursement program, staff can defer billing for college classes until the end of each semester and potentially have a large portion of their college costs paid for through financial aid and IDOC tuition reimbursement. Background image from Freepik.com DOC IvyTech Credit POSTER final.indd 1 8/16/17 12:26 PM

To learn more about some of our training programs, take a moment to review the information below!

New Employee Training Process

New Employee Training Process (NETP) is designed to introduce new correctional employees to the field of corrections and employment as a correctional professional with the Indiana Department of Correction. The New Employee Training Process is a blended program of traditional classroom instruction and eLearning. For more information on the Department's eLearning programs, please visit our eLearning Resource site at http://www.in.gov/idoc/3362.htm. Once there New employees will find an overview of the New Employee Training Process and other information to help kick start your career with the Indiana Department of Correction. . For more information on the New Employee Training Process and 2016 - 2017 Fiscal Year program dates, please select one of the links below.

*New Employees are encouraged to view the New Employee section of the eLearning Resource page at http://www.in.gov/idoc/3362.htm

**For specific questions regarding the dates and enrollment in NETP please contact your Facility Training Coordinator or Regional Training Manager. Regional Training Manager contact information can be found at: http://www.in.gov/idoc/3356.htm

In-service Training

The Division of Staff Development and Training coordinates job relevant In-service programs for all Department of Correction's personnel. In-Service training opportunities continue throughout an employee's career. The Department offers many diverse courses to provide for the needs of the employees and Agency. The In-service curriculum is delivered in a blended format of traditional classroom instruction and eLearning course. For more information regarding In-service Training requirements please contact your Facility Training Coordinator or Training Liaison.

Specialized Training

The Division of Staff Development and Training provides employees with the opportunity to participate in specialized training programs. Specialized training programs include; the Commissioner's Experienced and Emerging Leaders program, the Leadership Academy, D.O.C. Supervisory Program, Basic Supervisory Skills for Custody, specialized Mental Health training, and many more. For more information on available course, please contact your Facility Training Coordinator.

Instructor Development Course

The Division of Staff Development and Training offers various Instructor Development Courses. These courses include; New Trainers Orientation, Training for Trainers, Curriculum Development, and Presentation Skills. For more information regarding available Instructor Development Courses please contact a member of Staff Development and Training's Management Team. http://www.in.gov/idoc/3356.htm

Additional Training Resources for Correctional Professionals

     American Correction Association

     Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention