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This tour is a creation of the Capitol Tour Office

Jennifer Hodge, Director

Contributors include;

Jennifer Hodge, IDOA, Jeanie Regan-Dinius,DNR, Callie McClure, Rose Wernicke, Carol Lee, IDOA, Sandra Gran, IDOA, Melinda Rabe, IDOA,
Jim Johnson, IDOA, Justin Clark.

Pictures provided by;

Ted Williams, FSSA Communication Manager, Jessica Thayer,IDOA, Jennifer Hodge, IDOA, the Indiana State Archives, the Indiana State Library,
the Indiana Historical Bureau.

Historical information sources include;

Indiana Archives,Indiana State Library,and the Indiana Historical Bureau.


Special thanks to the Friends of the Archives


This project is possible in part due to a Historic Preservation Education grant from the Indiana Humanities Council and Indiana Landmarks.


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