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History of the State House


The consensus by the late 1870s was that a sturdier, grander, and more impressive Statehouse was needed. Completed in October 1888, the new two-million dollar capitol building was designed in the Renaissance Revival style and decorated with marble, granite, brass and Indiana limestone. View the Gallery to learn more about the construction of the building. View Gallery »

An 1888 Office

In designing the Statehouse the plans provided for distinctive features in each office. These pictures show actual offices from 1888. View Gallery »


Over the years the Indiana Statehouse has been redecorated because of changing tastes and reconfigurations. View this Gallery to explore various eras of renovations. (Historic images courtesy of the Indiana State Library and Indiana State Archives). View Gallery »

Through the Ages

The Statehouse underwent many modernization projects in an effort to reconfigure the building to suit specific needs. Look through this Gallery to see the most vivid remodeling. View Gallery »

For A Birthday

In celebration of the building’s 100th birthday, a major restoration was undertaken to restore the public areas to their 1888 décor and to prepare the building to withstand the next 100 years. View this Gallery to see our beautifully restored building. View Gallery »

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