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Solicitation Opportunities

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State of Indiana solicitation opportunities are released by the IDOA Procurement Division. All Requests for Information, Requests for Services, Requests for Proposals, and Invitations to Bid with an expected contract value of over $75,000 are posted to this website.

Additionally, all registered bidders are sent solicitation information via email if they have an up-to-date email address on file with the Department of Administration. Email notifications are sent to those vendors whose products or services correspond to the needed product or service, as determined by a business's UNSPCS code.

Small purchases are generally procured using Requests for Quotations and are handled by individual agencies, not IDOA's Procurement Division. Therefore, small purchases are not posted to the Procurement website.

Note: The "Impacting the Contract Award" area of the Procurement website contains information about factors contributing to a successful bid response and eventual contract award. Be sure to visit that area to learn about important factors affecting your bid evaluation.

If you hand-deliver solicitation responses:

To facilitate weapons restrictions at Indiana Government Center North and Indiana Government Center South, the public must enter IGC buildings through a designated public entrance. The public entrance to Indiana Government Center South is located at 302 W. Washington St.(the eastern-most Washington St. entrance). This entrance is equipped with metal detectors and screening devices monitored by Indiana State Capitol Police.

Passing through the public entrance may take some time. Please be sure to take this information into consideration if your company plans to submit a solicitation response in person.  


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