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QPA Frequently Asked Questions

Quantity Purchase Agreements FAQs

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  • Vendor Contract Managers
    What does a Vendor Contract Manager do?

    A Vendor Contract Manager is responsible for the administration of the contract life-cycle for Quantity Purchase Agreements. That life-cycle can include, but is not limited to, contract negotiations, implementation, on-going management, issue resolution and auditing.  More information and a list of IDOA’s current Vendor Contract Managers can be found on the website.

  • General QPA Information
    What is a QPA?

    A Quantity Purchase Agreement, or QPA, is a contract for repetitively purchased services or products which result from a competitive solicitation process. The State utilizes 3 criteria points to determine if a product or service qualifies for a QPA.

    1. Multiple agency users
    2. High spend or large dollar amounts
    3. Frequency of purchases are within every 90 days

    Each QPA is a result of a competitive process.  When those bidding opportunities occur, they are posted on the Current Opportunities web page.  The Supplier Resource Center provides a wealth of information about doing business with the state; including how to bid on all State opportunities.

    What are the benefits of a QPA?

    A QPA strengthens the State’s purchasing power by consolidating purchases from across the State from all Agencies which incentivizes the Vendor to provide a large volume discount. A QPA also creates efficiencies within the State government as the competitive sourcing method has been done for the Agency and IDOA Vendor Contract managers maintain the ongoing relationship with the Vendor.

    Where can I find a list of QPAs?

    A comprehensive list of Statewide and Agency specific QPAs can be found on the All Current QPAs web page.

  • Requesting Changes or new QPA
    How can my agency request a new QPA?

    You may reach out to the IDOA Vendor Management Director or IDOA Strategic Sourcing Director with ideas for new statewide QPAs. Contact information can be located on the Purchasing Contacts web page.

    How do I request an item be added to an existing QPA?

    The best time to add or remove items from a QPA is at renewal. IDOA Vendor Contract Managers maintain a log of suggestions made by agency personnel throughout the year as well as reach out to key agency stakeholders before renewal. In order for IDOA to consider additions, the items must fall within a category found in the sourcing event. If you have a suggestion, please email the appropriate Vendor Contract Manager. Contact information can be found on the Vendor Management web page.

  • Issues with a QPA
    I’m having an issue with a QPA vendor, what should I do?

    If you or your agency are having trouble resolving an issue please reach out to appropriate IDOA Vendor Contract Manager to escalate and get resolution. Don’t hesitate to copy the Vendor Contract Manager on any communications regarding issues you may be having when initially reaching out to the Vendor. Guidance on QPA Compliance issues can be on the QPA Compliance web page.

  • Purchasing Question
    The item I need is not on QPA, but a QPA vendor sells it, can I buy it?

    Please keep in mind that just because the QPA vendor can provide an item does not mean it is on contract, in the catalog or on market basket. For example, the Office Supply vendor would not be able to provide home appliances, food or cleaning products through their QPA contract. If the item you are requesting is not on a current QPA, you would proceed with your purchase following DPAP procedures based on dollar amount. The QPA vendor can certainly be one of your quotes, however if they are selected the purchase should not be tied to the QPA.

    The item I need is available on a QPA, but I’d like to purchase the item from a different vendor. What do I need to do?

    If there could be more than a 10% savings to purchase outside a QPA, an exception may be requested from the appropriate IDOA Vendor Contract Manager. Exception request procedures can be located in the DPAP Manual.

    The item I need is available on a QPA, but I’d like to purchase the item from a different vendor and pay with the State Procurement card. What do I need to do?

    In order to proceed with the purchase, you must have a written exception approval from the appropriate Vendor Contract Manager. If an exception request for the State Procurement card is required, you must provide a copy of the QPA exception request approval email with your PCard request. Additional information or approvals may be needed to fully complete the PCard transaction.

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