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Laws and Policies

Minority & Women's Business Enterprises Division activities and requirements are governed by Indiana Statute and the Indiana Administrative Code. Also impacting the division's operations are policies and memorandums of understanding.


MWBE Statute: IC 4-13-16.5 defines the development and responsibilities of the Governor's Commission on Minority and Women's Business Enterprises. The statute also defines the development of a division to be the advocate for Minority and Women Owned Business in State's procurement and contracting process.

MWBE Regulations: 25 IAC 5 defines the functional requirements of the Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises Division.


IDOA MWBE Application for Certification Review Committee Protocol memorializes the process by which all applications for certifications are reviewed to ensure a transparent process and to improve efficiency and timeliness of the review process.

IDOA MWBE Public Works Construction Projects Policy defines the process and required documents for MWBE commitments in Public Works construction projects.

IDOA MWBE INDOT State-Funded Construction Projects Policy defines the process and required documentation for MWBE commitments in Indiana Department of Transporation construction projects.

Non-Profit Organization Certification Policy defines the determining factors and process for a non-profit organization to become certified.

Tax Policy (for certification purposes) defines the tax requirements for MWBE certification.


Memoranda of Understanding

INDOT Memorandum of Understanding defines the process wherein INDOT and the MWBE Division will interact for the advocacy and achievement of MWBE goals.

City of Indianapolis Memorandum of Understanding sets forth the process wherein the City of Indianapolis’ Office of Minority & Women Business Development and the MWBE Division will cooperate for the more efficient certification of MBEs and WBEs who qualify for both programs.

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