Items most often omitted

The following are often omitted from a firm’s M/WBE certification application, but are required before an application can be processed. Please remember to include with your application:

  1. Copies of W-2's for the previous year, along with the personal income tax return for the same time period. If filing a joint tax return, you must submit W-2's for all parties.
  1. Responses to all questions on the application for certification. All questions must have a response or should be marked N/A with an explanation.
  1. List of all company equipment and equipment leases (include office equipment).
  1. Corporations: Annual salaries of all owners, officers, managers, and directors for the previous year.
  1. Your firm’s UNSPSC codes for services in section 20 of the application. To research the codes, please visit
  1. Office lease(s) or deed(s) for all property occupied by the applicant firm. If the firm is not home-based and does not own or lease any property, explain why on page one of the checklist.
  1. Taxes and balance sheets for the years of operation—if the applicant firm has not been in business for three or more years.
  1. Out-of-state certification applicants: A like certification from your home state to become certified in the state of Indiana. Hint: Does your certification’s governing agency’s web site include (your state agency).gov.?
  1. Out-of-state certification applicants: Documentation for the on-site interview (conducted within three years of the date of application).

ATTENTION: Are you currently certified with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) or the Indiana Minority Supplier Development Council (IMSDC)? If the answer is yes, contact the Minority and Women's Business Enterprises for further information: (317) 232-3061