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Indiana Firms: Certification Steps

Indiana-based businesses:

  1. Register your company with the Indiana Secretary Of State.
    Note: Sole proprietors are not required to register with the Secretary of State; only those firms that are incorporated.
  2. Obtain a Bidder Registration Number by registering with the Procurement Division.
    Your Bidder Registration Number will create a unique identifier for your company in the State’s system, allow you to log on to the State’s website to maintain your profile and access important information.
  3. Obtain a certification application and read about program requirements or call 317-232-3061.
  4. Include your Bidder Registration/Bidder Id Number (BRN) on page 1 of the application.
  5. Use the application checklist to confirm that all required documents are included with the application.
    **Items most often omitted from M/WBE Certification Application.
  6. Complete and return your application. There is no processing fee.
  7. Applicants may schedule a consultation for assistance.
    As to help as many new applicants as possible, have your application and application documents ready for review at the time of your appointment.
  8. The MWBE Division will conduct a site visit to verify application information.

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