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Executive Branch Lobbying

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Who is Required to Register?

Any individual who is paid at least $1,000 to make contact with an executive branch agency for the purpose of trying to influence the outcome of a contract; a lease; another financial arrangement; or a rule, may be deemed an Executive Branch Lobbyist and required to register with the Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) as an Executive Branch Lobbyist. To learn if you need to register, please review 25 IAC 6, the Executive Branch Lobbyist Registration Rule.

Lobbyist Requirements

Lobbyists have fifteen (15) business days from the date of initial contact with an executive branch agency to file an initial Executive Branch Lobbyist Registration Statement with IDOA.

Once you have filed your initial registration statement you will be required to file an annual report at the end of the year. Also, Indiana law requires that you update your registration within 15 days of any material change in your lobbyist registration information. A material change includes termination of an engagement to lobby.

As a part of your initial registration statement you will be required to verify that you have read and complied with the state statutes governing ethics and conflicts of interests. More information on those statutes is available below.

Registration and Filing Fees

Effective July 1, 2008, a $50.00 initial registration fee and a $50.00 annual report filing fee are required. In order to accommodate the payment of these fees, IDOA, in conjunction with the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT), has updated the electronic Executive Branch Lobbying Registration Application.

In addition, IDOA and IOT have recently enhanced the registration and annual report application. The application now allows for non-lobbyists to create administrative management accounts called 'Third Party Delegate Accounts.' These delegate accounts enable a person to access the Executive Branch Lobbyist Registration application and create, edit, or manage registrations and filings on behalf of multiple registered executive branch lobbyists. As a part of that process, we upgraded the account creation feature and the password protected login process.

City of Indianapolis Lobbying Requirements

The City of Indianapolis has required lobbyists engaging in executive or legislative branch lobbying activity with an agency of the City of Indianapolis or Marion County to register with the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS).

NOTICE: The Indiana State Ethics Commission has released a new ethics training for 'individuals who have business relationships with the state', which includes Executive Branch Lobbyists. While this training is not required at this time it is recommended that you complete the program and retain a copy of the completion certificate.

File Your Registration Statement or Annual Report

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Executive Branch Lobbying FAQs

I'm already registered so where is the link to file the annual or end of year report?
There is no separate link. Log into the system and click “Register”. The system will thank you for registering and take you back to the main screen where you can file the report.

Do I pay two separate fees?
Yes, one payment of $50.00 to register and another $50.00 to file the annual/end of year report.

The compensation for the lobbying activity did not reach the $1,000, do I still need to file an annual or end of year report?
We ask that you do file the report. Please indicate the actual amount of compensation.

Can I withdraw my registration?
There is no way to withdraw your registration. Therefore please file an annual/end of year report.

I registered but the lobbying work I anticipated did not materialize. What do I do?
We ask that you file the end of year/annual report. In the “Subject Matter” box, select “other” and explain – not retain, work did not occur, etc. Also indicate the amount of compensation even if it is $0.00.

What is the definition of “Income” for purposed of Executive Branch Lobbying?
If it would have to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service or Indiana Department of Revenue as income, it should be included.

I’m having technical issues with the system, what do I do?
Please submit a report to:

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