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To create a Bidder Profile follow the process below from Before you Begin through Part 3.

Steps to Create a Bidder Profile

Watch the Instructions

The system that is used to create and manage the Bidder Profile may time-out and has specific required information. Follow the instructions for a quick, easy registration process.


Part 1: Prepare the Required Information

The system used to build your profile may time-out, please have all mandatory registration information available before you begin the process.

 Required Information

  • Company Legal Name
  • Owner's Gender
    If your business is a corporation (or has multiple owners) and you are unable to declare an owner's gender, you will need to choose male as the owner gender.
  • Owner's Ethnicity
    If your business is a corporation (or has multiple owners) and you are unable to declare an owner's ethnicity, you will need to choose Caucasian as the owner's ethnicity.
  • Taxpayer ID Number (TIN)
  • CEO Name
  • Submitter Name
  • Email ID (Required in order to receive solicitations)
  • Receive orders preference (email, mail or fax)
  • Indiana Veteran Owned Small Businesses
  • Minority/Women Business Enterprises
  • Small Business Classification
  • Secretary of State Registration
  • NAICS Code
  • The NAICS Code is also called the Business Activity Code. It is on the following federal Income Tax returns: Individual - Form 1040 - Schedule C, Page 1, Line B Partnership - Form 1065 - Page 1, Line C Corporation - Form 1120 - Page 2, Schedule K, Line 2a Sub Chapter S Corporations - Form 1120S - Page 1, Line B
  • Mailing Address
  • United Nations Standard Product and Services Code (UNSPSC)


Part 2: Create Your Profile

Once you have all the required information collected and have watched the instruction videos, Launch the Bidder Profile Registration process.

Part 3: Review Your Profile

After setting up your profile, you should have received an email from GMIS. Login and review your profile.



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