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Forms and Manuals

2016 Professional Services Contract Manual (Updated 7/22/2016)
Attorney General Form Approval Request Sheet
IOT Delegation of Authority for Grants 
Drug Free Work Place - Executive Order 90-5
Special Procurement Request



Addendum Template (Updated 4/2/2018)
Amendment Renewal Template (Updated 4/2/2018)
Grant Agreement Template (See changes to 2. Representations and Warranties of the Grantee; paragraph C and new Exhibit.) (Updated 4/2/2018)
Professional Services Contract Template (Updated 4/2/2018)
Renewal No Price Increase Template (Updated 4/2/2018)
Renewal Price Increase Template (Updated 4/2/2018)
Educational Institution Contract Template (Updated 4/2/2018)
Outside Counsel Contract Template (Updated 9/5/2017)
Outside Counsel Request Form

Professional Services Contract Reports