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Procurement Laws and Policies

The Procurement Division of the Indiana Department of Administration is governed by Indiana Statutes and the Indiana Administrative Code. Also governing the division's operations are certain Programs that Impact Awards.

Procurement Statute

IC 5-22 defines the responsibilities and procedures for state procurement activities.

Administrative Code

25 IAC 1.1 defines the functional requirements of the Procurement Division.

Executive Order

IDOA RFP Team Evaluation Policy

Recognizing the procurement authority granted to the Indiana Department of Administration, the purpose of this policy is to ensure that Request for Proposal (RFP) evaluation teams are effectively aligned with the State's overall mission. This will be accomplished by IDOA managing and retaining final approval of the selection of evaluation team members.

IDOA RFP Team Evaluation Policy | (.pdf)

Procurement Protest Policy

The purpose of the Procurement Protest Policy is to establish a consistent, equitable process for receiving, reviewing and responding to protests from bidders and offerors involved in the state procurement process.

Procurement Protest Policy | (.pdf)


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