Vendor Management

The vendor management team manages statewide quantity purchase agreement (QPA) contracts which include, but are not limited to high profile, multi-million dollar, complex statewide contracts.

Team objectives

  • Ensure savings are achieved through contract compliance
  • Continuously improve contracts
  • Negotiate contracts, amendments and renewals


  • Measure vendor performance and agency behaviors
  • Ensure contract deliverables meet the state's needs
  • Validate projected savings on a regular basis
  • Investigate and resolve contract requests
  • Coordinate and facilitate the protest process
  • Research and determine Buy Indiana qualifications

Vendor Compliance

  • Facilitate quarterly business reviews (QBR) with suppliers
  • Audit contracts and pricing
  • Develop performance metrics & service level agreements (SLA)
  • Build and foster partnerships with vendors
  • Validate and report savings of QPAs

Agency Compliance