State Agencies Disposal Process

Documents required

Agencies must submit:

  • State Surplus Form 13812 (one form may be completed with an attachment of all units - Excel format preferred)
  • Auto Auction Vehicle Inspection Form | (.pdf)
  • 6 photos of front and back, both sides, odometer and interior
  • A description of all mechanical problems, condition of interior and exterior
  • Indicate if the unit is drivable or non-drivable
  • The reason, if non-drivable at time of surplus, and if the unit will start
  • Current mileage
  • Unit parking location
  • Agency contact information

Units must not be missing ANY mechanical or auto body parts (components, battery, tires, etc...), nor is any unit to be driven or removed from parking location once surplus form has been submitted.  Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action.

Fleet Services recommends that information be sent electronically to speed up the process to:

Jeanne Hale

Disposal Process

Titles will be pulled and verified against surplus form(s) or excel spread sheet; agency will be notified of any discrepancy.

Fleet Service will review for possible reassignment within the state's fleet.  If an agency is notified of a possible reassignment it will be given 48 hours to respond. Units that are not transferred to other state agencies will be posted online and agencies and local units of government will have the opportunity to review units online for the first 4 days at

Enter registration code: TIC 41 MALE 43 and any other required information. After registering, you will be notified of all internal reallocation listings as they are created. This is a one-time registration and is free of charge.

Once registered, you will be notified by email anytime we list an item as an Internal Reallocation auction.   You will be given a link to the auction and instructed to notify the Fleet Service contact auction’s person if you are interested in the item.  If you do not want to receive the emails, do not register, but you will not know what vehicles are available.

Any unit that is deemed non-usable by Fleet Service and/or using agency will be posted online immediately for 5 business days. These units will not be offered as possible reassignments.