Vehicle Acquisition

IDOA recognizes the inherent need for the state to secure vehicles and equipment for the performance of assigned duties. At the same time, all fleet administrators are tasked with providing transportation at the lowest possible cost to the state. Agency heads and fleet administrators have three distinct options available to secure a vehicle for state business:

  1. Purchase of an agency-owned vehicle
  2. Rental of a vendor supplied vehicle
  3. Use of a personal vehicle for state business

Agency heads and fleet administrators must weigh all of these options when considering how to meet the transportation needs of their agency at the lowest cost to the state.

These guidelines are provided to assist departments when ordering vehicles.  To avoid delays and to ensure appropriate vehicles are ordered, it is necessary to discuss agency need(s) with the IDOA Fleet Director. The IDOA Fleet Director is knowledgeable about each department's approval process and may answer any other questions regarding vehicle orders.

Vehicle Order Forms

  • Vehicle Replacement Request | State Form 55149
    State Employees will need to login to access the form
  • Vehicle Justification | .pdf


Agencies shall receive approval for a vehicle purchase from IDOA Fleet Service Division PRIOR to entering a requisition into PeopleSoft.  This will help reduce the need for delays and cancellations should there be additional questions or denials.  To initiate a vehicle replacement request, an agency should contact the Director of Fleet Service with the immediate need. Immediate replacement requests should be justified within the vehicle replacement request form, and through the answers to the acquisition justification found on the IDOA website under Vehicle Acquisition.   IDOA recommends that all vehicle purchase request be made from the Vehicle QPA’s available.  Any non-QPA requests must be accompanied by a Special Procurement Form, and the Procurement Contract Manager must approve the request in writing before the vehicle purchase is made.

Manufacturer Build Out Dates

It is important to submit vehicle requests as soon as possible to ensure a vehicle will be available when needed and to avoid manufacturer build outs. Build outs occur when the manufacturer no longer accepts orders for the current model year. Estimated build out dates are projected by the manufacturer and may change without notice to IDOA procurement and vehicle administration. Therefore, it is extremely important for requests to be submitted as early as possible. Build out dates can occur as early as April. IDOA procurement will notify departments of vehicle orders received after the build out dates.  Departments may then cancel the order or hold and order the next model year.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Vehicle Administration continues to order alternative fuel vehicles. The state of Indiana must comply with the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) of 1992 requiring 75 percent of vehicles with GVW under 8,500 lbs. be alternative fuel vehicles.