Office Supplies

QPA: 13113, RFP 13-90, Staples Contract and Commercial

General Information

The purpose of this QPA is to utilize the awarded vendor to satisfy the State’s needs for the purchase of office supply products.

QPA 13113

Account Management

State Contact

David Brandon-Friedman
Vendor Manager
Indiana Department of Administration
Phone: (317) 234-0067

Staples Contacts

Chris Constantine
Strategic Account Leader
Phone: (317) 280-4926

Customer Service
Phone: (877) 826-7755

 Staples Advantage

StaplesAdvantage is designed for browsing and compiling a list of items prior to starting a Requisition in PeopleSoft Financials. StaplesAdvantage is helpful because the PeopleSoft punch out will time out after 20 minutes and will not save your progress. To order, access the punch out catalog via PeopleSoft Financials.

Market Basket VS Non-Market Basket Items

Market Basket items represent commonly purchased items that have a unique negotiated price.  These items were selected through an analysis of the State's purchase history in order to provide a very significant cost savings to agencies.

Items in the catalog that are designated as Market Basket should always be considered before selecting other products.

Any Requisition that has non-Market Basket items included will be routed for IDOA approval once the Requisition is saved and submitted. In PeopleSoft Financials, non-Market Basket items will be marked with an asterisk (*) in front of the Item Description.

If a Requisition contains any non-Market Basket item(s), the following questions must be answered in the justification for each item or the requisition will not be approved by IDOA.

  • What line items are non-Market Basket?

  • Why is each specific product needed?

  • What research was done to determine that this product is not available or similar to a product through the Market Basket items?

  • If there is a similar product in the Market Basket, what sets the product aside from the Market Basket item(s)?

  • What does this product offer that other products don’t?

Additional Resources

  • Awarded Categories and Common Items on Other QPAs | (.pdf)
  • Frequently Asked Questions / Hints and Tips | (.pdf)