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Great Hoosiers in Sculpture

State capitol buildings are unique places that house the past, present and future. The successes and failures of the people that have walked the halls through the years can sometimes be forgotten, but they played an integral part in who we are today as a state and society.

Click on the links below to read through the stories behind the people immortalized in the art standing in the Indiana Statehouse. If you're touring the statehouse, use the Location Map to help you locate the busts.

Otis R. Bowen >>

Otis R. Bowen

Julia Carson >>

Julia Carson

George Rogers Clark >>

George Rogers Clark

William H. English >>

William H. English

Calvin Fletcher >>

Calvin Fletcher

Benjamin Harrison >>

Benjamin Harrison

James Hinton >>

James Hinton

Indiana >>

Indiana Statue

Abraham Lincoln >>

Abraham Lincoln

Sherman Minton >>

Sherman Minton

Stephen Neal >>

Stephen Neal

Frank L. O'Bannon >>

Frank L. O'Bannon

Robert D. Orr >>

Robert D. Orr

Richard Owen >>

Richard Owen

Henry F. Schricker >>

Henry Schricker

Daniel Wolsey Voorhees >>

Daniel Wolsey Voorhees

George Washington >>

George Washington

Matthew E. Welsh >>

Matthew Welch

Edgar D. Whitcomb >>

Edgar D. Whitcomb

Ashbel Parsons Willard >>

Ashbel Parsons Willard


Thanks to Samantha Norling, who while serving as an intern with the Statehouse Tour Office for her graduate work in the Public History Department at IUPUI, did the research and compilation of information on Indiana's historic Rotunda sculptures.

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