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Office Equipment QPA

QPA 13915 | Ricoh USA, Inc. | RFP 15-037 

General Information

The purpose of this QPA is to utilize the awarded vendor to satisfy the State’s needs for the purchase of facsimile machines and the lease of digital black and white copiers; multi-functional devices (MFDs); scanners; and related document equipment, supplies, and services.

Account Management

State Contact

Kari Jagars
Vendor Manager
Indiana Department of Administration
Phone: (317) 234-8758

RICOH Primary Contact

Chris Johnson
Government Accounts Manager
Cell: (317) 590-6050
Office: (317) 329-6088


Phil Napariu
Senior Technology Specialist
Cell: (317) 374-9629
Office: (317) 329-6121

RICOH Secondary Contact

Teresa Cummings
Government Accounts Administrative Assistant
Office: (317) 329-6079
(Assists with billing questions, move requests, service and supply requests, copies of delivery tickets, current machine information, lease end dates, average monthly volumes, etc.)


State Agencies Utilizing This QPA

Utilizing This QPA Contract - Initial Steps

Step 1: Agency and/or other government entities confirm need for office equipment and review product offering and pricing information.

Step 2: Agency and/or other government entities contact Chris Johnson, Ricoh, to review needs and ensure the State guiding principles of Managed Print Services Policy is followed and obtain recommendation on office equipment best suited for office environment

Step 3: Once equipment is selected, create a requisition utilizing the Ricoh punch out in PeopleSoft being sure to include answers to the Office Equipment Justification Questionnaire. Please ensure that each fiscal year of the multi-year lease is a separate line item. See e-procurement user guide below for more detailed ordering information.

Step 4: Delivery & Training of Equipment


  • RICOH eProcurement Guide | (pdf)
  • Office Equipment Justification Questionnaire | (doc)
  • Office Equipment Power Requirements | (pdf)
  • Making a Service or Supply Request | (pdf)
  • Scheduling an Equipment Move | (pdf)
  • RICOH Security Brochure | (pdf)
  • RICOH Intelligent Devices | (pdf)

Product Information

Product Catalog Device Device Ink Type
Ricoh IM 350F

Band 1- Ricoh IM 350F

Black & White
Ricoh MP 2555-3055

Band 2 – Ricoh MP 2555
Band 3 – Ricoh MP 3055

Black & White
Ricoh MP 4055-5055-6055

Band 4 – Ricoh MP 4055
Band 5 – Ricoh MP 5055
Band 6a – Ricoh MP 6055

Black & White
Ricoh MP 6503-9003

Band 6b – Ricoh MP 6503SP
Band 7 – Ricoh MP 7503SP
Band 8 – Ricoh MP 9003SP

Black & White
Ricoh IM C2000-C2500

Band 2 Color – Ricoh IM C2000
Band 2 Color – Ricoh IM C2500

Full Color
Ricoh IM C3000-C3500

Band 3 Color – Ricoh IM C3000

Full Color
Ricoh IM C4500-C6000

Band 4 Color – Ricoh IM C4500
Band 5 Color – Ricoh IM C6000

Full Color


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