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Mailing Equipment and Supplies

QPA 13142 | Pitney Bowes Inc. | Contract ASA-14-26

QPA Overview

This contract has been awarded on the basis of the competitive bid process to provide mailing equipment/machines and mailing supplies to Indiana state agencies and other local governmental entities.

Contract Requirements/Benefits

  • QPA provides a standardized product offering (Market Basket) as well as a % of list price for all other purchases (Non-Market Basket)
  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • All equipment offered must be new and meet the current or posted approval of the United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Postage Meter resets are free of charge
  • Monthly Maintenance Service Agreement Charges are to include all preventative maintenance, emergency calls, all software/system upgrades needed, parts and labor
  • Pricing includes: shipping/delivery, installation, set-up and training

Important Resources

State agencies should utilize the “Market Basket” offerings before reviewing the Non-Market Basket offerings; this will assist in standardizing the products offered

  • Market Basket Items | (.pdf)
  • Mailing Equipment Justification Questions | (.doc) (Please include answers to these questions in the justification box of your requisition)

Pitney Bowes state of Indiana Microsite 

Contract: To request a copy of the contract, email: mlawson@idoa.in.gov

Account Management

State Contract Manager

Kari Jagars
Indiana Department of Administration
(317) 234-8758

Pitney Bowes Inc. Account Manager

Rebecca Shaw
Pitney Bowes Inc.
(317) 340-9415


To return an ordered item within 30 business days of receipt contact the Government Account Analysts:

Chris Deubel
Phone: (800) 840-3826 ext 5475


Tracey Keys (alternate contact)
Phone: (800) 840-0523 ext 5518

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