Fleet Fuel Card

QPA 15286

WEX (formerly Wright Express) is the fleet card provider for the state of Indiana. The WEX Fleet card is accepted at approximately 4,500 gas stations, including 140 sites that sell E85, and 1,100 service sites in Indiana.

The WEX Government Fleet Program provides:

  • Acceptance at 90% of retail fuel locations nationwide
  • Tax exemption and reporting for qualified fleets
  • Dedicated Customer Service available 24/7

For more information, visit the WEX Government Fleet Program web page.

The state-wide fleet fuel card program provides state agencies with a widely accepted fleet fuel card. The card allows drivers of state vehicles to purchase fuel and auto repair services/items for those vehicles, while streamlining and automating program management and transaction reporting.

By increasing the amount of information received from card purchases, the program allows the State to increase usage and tracking of vehicle-related purchases. This program is expected to increase savings to the state by decreasing the number of manual processes related to managing fuel purchasing for state vehicles.

New updated User Manual |  (Coming Soon)

Contract/QPA Number: 15286

Contract Period: October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2018


State of Indiana

Daily Card Settings, Changes, and Questions
Tim Poole, IDOA Fleet
Phone: (317) 232-1379

Contract Manager
Abigail Chittenden, IDOA Procurement
Phone: (317) 234-6906


Daniel P. Neuville, Strategic Account Manager
Phone: (207) 523-6067
Fax: (207) 874-1547

Strategic Support Team (Contact before trying Customer Service)
Phone: (800) 726-0492

Ryan Kelly, Relationship Manager

User Guides

  • Business Rules | (Coming Soon)
  • WEXOnline Classic Series | (.doc)
  • WEXOnline Millennium Series | (.pdf)
  • WEXOnline Millennium Series - Report Training | (.pdf)
  • WEX Driver Guide | (.pdf)
  • INDOT WexOnline Training Guide | (.pdf)
  • Preparing Claim Vouchers | (.doc)
  • Standardized Profiles | (.xls)