Purchasing & Travel Card Program

Program Overview

The Purchasing & Travel Card Program is designed to assist in the management and payment of business-related purchases. The program streamlines the procurement and payment processes from beginning to end. The use of the procurement and travel card will virtually eliminate the use of traditional SDO purchases, and in many circumstances, the need for check requests or petty cash.

P/T Card Program User Manual | (.pdf)

Contract Information

  • Contract Number: P22-7-RFP-6-82
  • Contractor: J.P. Morgan-Chase
  • Contract Period: 4/15/2007 - 3/31/2020

Contact Information

For State Agencies:


Contract Manager
Katie Potter, IDOA Procurement
Phone: (317) 234-4998

Use Internet Explorer when launching PeopleSoft ELM

After Monday, Nov. 19 please use Internet Explorer as your browser when completing IDOA training exercises. If you use another browser you could experience launch errors or your training may not get marked as completed.

PeopleSoft P/T Card Module

The PeopleSoft Purchasing/Travel Card Module is intended to upload card transactions electronically for reconciling, statement payment, and portal transparency.

Module Training Materials

  • P/T Card Module Computer Based Training | (sign in)
  • IDOA Training Catalog Access Quick Step Guide | (.pdf)
  • P/T Card Module Manual & Quick Guides | (download)

Communication Protocols

Declines or Exceptions

All requests for temporary changes or exceptions to the MCC, single purchase limit or monthly credit limit will be submitted to: CreditCardServices@idoa.in.gov To prevent any unnecessary declines in the future review your card holder information and make necessary strategic change requests.

Emergency Requests

All requests for emergency temporary changes or exceptions to the MCC, single purchase limit or monthly credit limit must be submitted to: CreditCardServices@idoa.in.gov The request must contain the word "EMERGENCY" in the subject line in order to be processed.

Applications & Requests

All new applications should be submitted to CreditCardServices@idoa.in.gov and will be processed on the 15th of each month. Submit the original applications to IDOA prior to the request submission to JP Morgan-Chase.

Forms & Applications

  • Agency_Master_PTCard_Spreadsheet_4.0 | (.xls)
  • Application for P/T State Credit Card | SF 54698  
  • P/T Cardholder Disclosure Acknowledgement | SF 55784

Procurement Card Requests Only

Travel Card Requests Only

Agency Program Administrator Program Documents

  • Agency Program Mgmt. Plan Template | (.doc)  
  • Hierarchy | (.xls)
  • Discipline Form | (.doc)
  • Payment Process and Suspension Criteria | (.pdf)
  • Procurement Card Agency Operating Agreement Form | SF 54703
  • Travel Card Agency Operating Agreement | SF 54696

Resource Documents & Helpful Links

  • Food Circular | (.pdf) (for state employees only)
  • JP Morgan Dispute Form | (.doc)
  • JP Morgan Central Bill Set-up Form | (.doc)
  • Travel Card Termination Form (.doc)
  • Travel Program Management Plan | (.doc)
  • Receipt Retention AOS Agency Agreement | SF 54809
  • P/T Card Missing Receipt Record | SF 53879

When searching the IARA website for a State Form:
Click on the gray button that says “State Employee Login”, enter your user name, password and domain and click “ok”, when the search page comes up enter the State Form number in the field and click “search”.