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The table below, listing all current QPAs administered by the Department of Administration Procurement Division, is organized alphabetically by commodity descriptions and contains the QPA number, availability for use by cities, towns and other governmental/political subdivisions, contact name, and any amendments to the original QPA agreement (if applicable).

To review the specific items and their descriptions, click the commodity description of the QPA you wish to review. If you have questions about a specific QPA, click the contact name link to email your question to that QPA's contract administrator.

Outside entities that wish to use the QPA pricing that has been established for the state of Indiana must contact the vendor to discuss the placing of orders and the vendor's specific terms and conditions.

Supplemental QPA Information


QPA Number Description Vendor Name Contract Manager Expiration Date Political Sub Additional Resources
39821 061 Pool and Water Chemicals SPEAR CORPORATION Nelson, Stephanie 01/31/2022
39865 061 Pool and Water Chemicals LEISURE POOL & SPA SUPPLY INC Nelson, Stephanie 01/31/2022
40801 061 Pre-Fab Boat Ramp (South) R L VUCKSON EXCAVATING INC Nelson, Stephanie 03/24/2022
40793 061 Pre-Fab Boat Ramps (North) FAULKNER FABRICATING INC Nelson, Stephanie 03/24/2022
13377 061--Cell Svcs & Equipt. SPRINT SOLUTIONS INC Hempel, Mark 11/19/2021 Y
17755 067Structured Cabling Services DATACOM CONNECT INC Helmer, John 11/30/2021 Y
38028 Adbuy/Comms/Mktg/Dgtl/Outreach HIRONS & COMPANY COMMUNICATIONS Walker, Ann 11/14/2021 Y Details
25876 AEDs and Accessories CARDIAC SCIENCE CORPORATION Walker, Ann 10/04/2020 Y Details
40906 Ag Tractors & Equipment DEERE COMPANY Nelson, Stephanie 12/30/2023
16142 Ammunition KIESLER POLICE SUPPLY INC Chittenden, Abigail 06/30/2020
16910 Archival Supplies GAYLORD BROS, INC. Jagars, Kari 03/31/2021
22552 Asset Labels HORIZONS INC Jagars, Kari 03/31/2021
16259 Auto Glass SAFELITE FULFILLMENT INC Ballinger, Tanner 09/25/2020 Y Details
20563 Background Checking Services BARADA ASSOCIATES, INC. Pardue, Jacob 06/30/2021 Y
40048 Body Armor Products GALLS PARENT HOLDINGS LLC Chittenden, Abigail 04/22/2021
22559 Bottleless Water Coolers QUENCH USA INC Lawson, Megan 10/31/2020
15672 Bulk Fuel CO-ALLIANCE LLP Ballinger, Tanner 12/27/2020 Details
21430 Carahsoft-Software & Services CARAHSOFT TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Helmer, John 07/31/2021 Y
32667 Carpet Tiles & Installation TARKETT USA INC Pardue, Jacob 03/31/2021 Y
12884 Cellular Svcs & Equipt AT&T MOBILITY II LLC Hempel, Mark 03/06/2024 Y
12933 Comm. Equipt. & Piece Pts. GRAYBAR ELECTRIC CO INC Hempel, Mark 06/30/2020
11245 Comp/Records System COLOSSUS INC Hempel, Mark 09/16/2024 Y
13700 Computer Assisted Legal Rsrch WEST PUBLISHING CORP Brandon-Friedman, David C 09/30/2020 Y
40869 Corrugated Boxes CAREY SERVICES INC Deaton-Reese, Teresa 03/31/2022
12949 Credit Card Payment Processing VALUE PAYMENT SYSTEMS LLC Kendall, Hailey 10/24/2021 Y Details
24457 Cyber & Phishing - Training MEDIA PRO HOLDINGS LLC Helmer, John 12/30/2020 Y
13079 Desktops, Laptops, & Printers HP INC Helmer, John 10/23/2020 Y
31796 DNR Fish Feed ZEIGLER BROS INC Nelson, Stephanie 04/30/2021
19060 Drug & Alcohol Testing Service DISA INDIANA LLC Pardue, Jacob 03/30/2021 Y
11437 Equipment Maintenance Mgt. REMI GROUP LLC Jagars, Kari 12/31/2021 Y Details
36024 Feminine Care Products INDIANA CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES Walker, Ann 08/30/2021
13372 Fingerprint-Background Service MORPHOTRUST USA LLC Pardue, Jacob 04/09/2022
15923 Fire Extinguishers/Maintenance KOORSEN FIRE & SECURITY INC Pardue, Jacob 07/31/2020 Y
16349 Flags and Accessories COLLINS GROUP INC Walker, Ann 06/30/2020
15286 Fleet Fuel Card Program WEX BANK Ballinger, Tanner 09/30/2020 Y Details
41614 Floor Care Products INDIANA CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES Deaton-Reese, Teresa 03/31/2021
26106 Floor Care Products INDIANA CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES Chittenden, Abigail 06/12/2020
38098 Footwear SHOE CORPORATION OF BIRMINGHAM Walker, Ann 12/30/2021 Y
38096 General Clothing CARE APPAREL INC Walker, Ann 12/30/2021 Y
38095 General Clothing BOB BARKER CO INC Walker, Ann 12/30/2021 Y
38097 General Clothing INDIANA CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES Walker, Ann 12/30/2021 Y
26946 Grounds Maintenance Equipment DEERE COMPANY Nelson, Stephanie 08/18/2021 Y
15083 Hearing Aid Devices & Services OTICON, INC Pardue, Jacob 06/30/2020
15085 Hearing Aid Devices & Services SIVANTOS INC Pardue, Jacob 06/30/2020
15087 Hearing Aid Devices & Services WIDEXUSA INC Pardue, Jacob 06/30/2020
15086 Hearing Aid Devices & Services STARKEY LABORATORIES INC Pardue, Jacob 06/30/2020
15082 Hearing Aid Devices & Services GN HEARING CARE CORP Pardue, Jacob 06/30/2020
13314 In-person interpretive service LANGUAGE TRAINING CENTER INC Pardue, Jacob 11/30/2020 Y Details
14679 IntranetQuorum Software Lic/Mt LEIDOS DIGITAL SOLITIONS INC Hempel, Mark 10/31/2020 Y
21329 IT SW Quality Assurance Servs ILAB LLC Hempel, Mark 06/30/2021 Y
30206 Lab Supplies, Forensic SIRCHIE ACQUISITION CO LLC Nelson, Stephanie 12/31/2020
13168 Laboratory Supplies NETA SCIENTIFIC INC Nelson, Stephanie 12/31/2020 Y
13169 Laboratory Supplies MG SCIENTIFIC Nelson, Stephanie 12/31/2020 Y
13170 Laboratory Supplies VWR INTERNATIONAL Nelson, Stephanie 12/31/2020 Y
34028 Laboratory, Welding, Med Gases AMERICAN WELDING & GAS Nelson, Stephanie 05/31/2021
41610 Laundry Products INDIANA CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES Deaton-Reese, Teresa 03/30/2021
15709 Laundry Uniform and Mat Rental CINTAS CORP Lawson, Megan 03/31/2021 Y Details
33913 Library Cards ID CARD INC Jagars, Kari 06/24/2021 Y Details
30531 LP Fuel FERRELLGAS LP Ballinger, Tanner 10/29/2021
31988 Mailing Equipment & Supplies PITNEY BOWES INC Pardue, Jacob 07/31/2021 Y
24677 Maintenance/Repair/Operations FASTENAL COMPANY Cranfill, Emily 02/14/2021
29869 Maintenance/Repair/Operations W W GRAINGER, INC Cranfill, Emily 02/14/2021
38025 Marketing and Public Relations BLANK PAGE MARKETING LLC Walker, Ann 11/14/2021 Y Details
38026 Marketing, Adv + PR CALDWELL VANRIPER INC Walker, Ann 11/14/2021 Y Details
38033 Marketing, PR, Media Buy WILLIAMS RANDALL MARKETING Walker, Ann 11/14/2021 Y Details
38023 Marketing, PR, Media Buying THE ASHER AGENCY LLC Walker, Ann 10/31/2021 Y Details
38034 Marketing, Web, Mktg Research D J CASE & ASSOCIATES INC Walker, Ann 11/14/2021 Y Details
38031 Marketing/Comms, PR, Video WESTCOMM INC Walker, Ann 11/14/2021 Y Details
39364 Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) AMERIQUAL GROUP HOLDINGS LLC Chittenden, Abigail 03/18/2022
12980 Medical Supplies HENRY SCHEIN INC Nelson, Stephanie 06/25/2021
12981 Medical Supplies MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL MN SUPPLY INC Nelson, Stephanie 03/01/2021
29890 Mesh Laundry Bags ARC OF NORTHEAST INDIANA INC Walker, Ann 12/31/2020
9414A Microsoft Products DELL MARKETING L.P. Helmer, John 06/30/2021 Y
22591 Microwave Radio NOKIA OF AMERICA CORPORATION Helmer, John 12/31/2020 Y
38030 Mktg, PR, Adv, Media Buy MORTENSON KIM, INC Walker, Ann 11/14/2021 Details
38404 Mktg, Web, Design, Brand, PR TD ADVERTISING Walker, Ann 11/14/2021 Y Details
32290 Moving Services PLANES MOVING & STORAGE OF INDIANAPOLIS Jagars, Kari 09/30/2021
9796 Network Services-CENTREX SBC GLOBAL SERVICES, INC. Hempel, Mark 11/30/2020 Y
13915 Office Equipment & Maintenance RICOH USA INC FKA IKON OFFICE SOLUTIONS Jagars, Kari 09/03/2020 Y Details
16342 Office Furniture KIMBALL OFFICE INC Jagars, Kari 08/31/2020 Y Details
15782 Office Furniture - Chairs INDIANA CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES Jagars, Kari 09/22/2020 Details
19106 Office Supplies, Ink & Toner OFFICE DEPOT INC Jagars, Kari 05/31/2021 Details
27998 P25 Radio Equipment BK TECHNOLOGIES Chittenden, Abigail 09/13/2021 Y
27921 P25 Radio Equipment MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC Chittenden, Abigail 08/12/2021 Y
28642 P25 Radio Equipment HARRIS CORPORATION Chittenden, Abigail 11/18/2021 Y
28262 P25 Radio Equipment E F JOHNSON COMPANY Chittenden, Abigail 09/13/2021 Y
29268 P25 Radio Equipment JVCKENWOOD USA CORPORATION Chittenden, Abigail 02/11/2022 Y
30212 Paint & Paint Supplies SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO Cranfill, Emily 08/31/2021
17217 Pest Control Services MARCUS RICHARDSON Pardue, Jacob 06/16/2020 Details
37129 Play Yards and Portable Cribs ASK US FIRST LLC Davidson, Traci 10/14/2020
42393 Play Yards, Infant EVENFLO COMPANY INC Davidson, Traci 04/30/2021
38029 PR, Public Affairs, Marketing MCFARLAND PR & PUBLIC AFFAIRS INC Walker, Ann 11/14/2021 Y Details
15183 Printing and Mailing Services ANTHONY WAYNE REHABILITATION CENTER FOR Kendall, Hailey 06/13/2020 Y Details
29410 Radar Equipment MPH INDUSTRIES INC Chittenden, Abigail 01/31/2021
15922 Re-Refined Oil SAFETY KLEEN SYSTEMS INC Ballinger, Tanner 11/29/2020 Y Details
40861 Restraint Seats ASK US FIRST LLC Deaton-Reese, Teresa 03/31/2022
35537 Road Salt COMPASS MINERALS AMERICA INC Ballinger, Tanner 07/31/2020 Y
35542 Road Salt THE DETROIT SALT CO LLC Ballinger, Tanner 07/31/2020 Y
35432 Road Salt CARGILL INCORPORATED Ballinger, Tanner 07/31/2020 Y
35580 Road Salt MORTON SALT INC Ballinger, Tanner 07/31/2020 Y
17911 Salt-Pavement & Water Softener GRAHAM FEED COMPANY Lawson, Megan 10/31/2020 Y Details
40144 Security Guard Services MAJESTIC SECURITY INC Walker, Ann 02/28/2022
41031 Security Guard Services UNIVERSAL PROTECTION SERVICE LP Walker, Ann 02/28/2022
40145 Security Guard Services SECURITAS SECURITY SERVICES USA, INC. Walker, Ann 02/28/2022
14642 Servers, Storage & Networking HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE COMPANY Helmer, John 10/23/2020
21987 Sheets, Blankets & Bedspreads TABB TEXTILE CO INC Walker, Ann 07/31/2020 Y
13097 Soft-Geographic Syst Software ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS RESEARCH INSTITUTE Hempel, Mark 09/30/2021
20710 Steelcase Components & Parts BUSINESS FURNITURE, LLC Jagars, Kari 08/31/2021 Details
17753 Structured Cabling Services CLAWSON COMMUNICATIONS INC Helmer, John 11/30/2021 Y
17669 Structured Cabling Services APACHI NETWORKS Helmer, John 11/30/2021 Y
25479 Structured Cabling Services ERMCO INC Helmer, John 11/30/2021 Y
17752 Structured Cabling Services C-CAT INC Helmer, John 11/30/2021 Y
18197 Tableau Products and Services FEDRESULTS INC Helmer, John 12/19/2021 Y
9508 Telephone Maintenance Pts COMMUNICATIONS PRODUCTS INC K003627 06/30/2020
13336 Telephonic Interpretation PROPIO LS LLC Pardue, Jacob 11/30/2020 Y Details
11230A Temp / Admin - MSP GUIDESOFT INC Hempel, Mark 12/31/2021 Y Details
11231A Temp / Medical - MSP GUIDESOFT INC Hempel, Mark 12/31/2021 Y
10911 Temporary Employees IT Related GUIDESOFT INC Hempel, Mark 12/31/2021 Y Details
31864 Timekeeping and Scheduling Sys KRONOS INCORPORATED Chittenden, Abigail 11/30/2023
13900 Tires & Tire Services GOODYEAR TIRE AND RUBBER CO Ballinger, Tanner 07/31/2020 Y Details
29936 Towels and Washcloths ARC OF NORTHEAST INDIANA INC Cranfill, Emily 12/31/2020
37923 Traffic Cones ANTHONY WAYNE REHABILITATION CENTER FOR Ballinger, Tanner 11/19/2021 Y
13038 Uniforms and Related Items BLACKJACK UNIFORMS Chittenden, Abigail 07/31/2020
17297 Uniforms- DNR, BOAH, ISEP THE UNIFORM HOUSE Nelson, Stephanie 07/31/2020
17282 Uniforms- DOC BLACKJACK UNIFORMS Chittenden, Abigail 07/31/2020
39935 Uniforms- ISP GALLS PARENT HOLDINGS LLC Chittenden, Abigail 03/07/2021
16247 Utility Locating NORTHERN LIGHTS LOCATING AND INSPECTION Nelson, Stephanie 05/31/2020
31182 Vehicle Emergency Lighting BLUNK SAFETY SYSTEMS INC Ballinger, Tanner 08/01/2021
36619 Vehicle Emergency Lighting WAYMIRE'S AUTO PARTS & SERVICE Ballinger, Tanner 09/17/2021
13126 Vehicle Leasing ENTERPRISE LEASING COMPANY OF INDIANAPOL Purdy, John 08/22/2020 Y Details
18465 Vehicle Parts & Accessories GENUINE PARTS COMPANY Ballinger, Tanner 11/14/2020 Y Details
24859 Vehicle Repair/Maint. Services DICKINSON FLEET SERVICES Ballinger, Tanner 07/31/2022 Y
15273 Vehicles: Mobility Vans MIDWEST TRANSIT EQUIPMENT INC Ballinger, Tanner 07/05/2020 Y Details
41221 Vehicles: SED, SUV, Van, Truck LARKWOOD GREENE ENTERPRISES LLC Ballinger, Tanner 07/12/2020
15272 Vehicles: SED,SUV,Van,Police FLETCHER CHRYSLER PRODUCTS INC Ballinger, Tanner 07/07/2020 Y Details
25984 Vehicles: SSV Truck TOWN AND COUNTRY CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP INC Ballinger, Tanner 05/31/2020 Y
19807 Vending/Concession Machines SHAFFER DISTRIBUTING CO. Lawson, Megan 10/26/2020
41612 Warewashing Products INDIANA CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES Deaton-Reese, Teresa 03/31/2021
19514 Water Testing Kits IDEXX DISTRIBUTION, INC. Pardue, Jacob 04/30/2021
38048 Wearable Blankets, Infant HALO INNOVATIONS INC Davidson, Traci 10/14/2020
28393 Wireless Tower Maintenance EMERGENCY RADIO SERVICE INC Nelson, Stephanie 09/17/2020
Updated: 5/28/2020 5:15:20 PM

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