Regulations, Forms, Guidance and Policies

Following is a complete list of the regulations, forms, guidance documents, and policies referenced above, as well as links to additional information that is available online:

Statutes and Rules

  • The Waste Tire Management rules, 329 IAC 15 [PDF], establish requirements for handling, transporting, storing, processing and disposing waste tires.
  • IC 13-11-2 contains the definitions incorporated by reference in 329 IAC 15.
  • IC 13-20-13 regards the regulation of waste tire storage sites and waste tire management fund.
  • IC 13-20-14 regards disposal of waste tires.
  • 329 IAC 11.7 [PDF] establishes requirements for using waste tires as an alternative fuel.

Waste Tire Forms

The following forms are available on the IDEM Forms page:

  • Application for Waste Tire Transporter Registration (47220; also for renewals)
  • Application for Waste Tire Processing Operation Registration (47221; also for renewals)
  • Application for Waste Tire Storage Site Registration (47222; also for renewals)
  • Waste Tire Manifest (47273)
  • Contingency Plan for Waste Tire Processing Operations and Storage Sites (54817)
  • Waste Tire Facility Closure Notification Form (55351)

Guidance Documents

Waste Tire Annual Report

Starting January 1, 2017, the Waste Tire Annual Report should be submitted electronically through the Re-TRAC Connect online reporting system. Accounts have already been created for each facility, and the credentials have been distributed. Please e-mail if you need your login information or if you have any questions.

The 2016 Waste Tire Annual Report Summary [XLS] compiles the data from all of the reports received in 2016 into a single spreadsheet. Copies of reports prior to 2016 are available in the Virtual File Cabinet.

Nonrule Policies

Nonrule policy documents (NPDs) clarify IDEM's interpretation of an environmental statute or rule. NPDs do not have the effect of law.

The following NPDs are available on the IDEM Nonrule Policies page:

  • Important Notice Regarding Whole Waste Tire Disposal Ban (Waste-0007)
  • Use of Waste Tire Chips in On-site Sewage Systems (Waste-0058)

Additional Waste Tire Resources

External Resources