Registration Process and Operating Requirements

After you determine that your business meets the definition of a waste tire transporter, processing operation, and/or storage site, you will need to obtain a waste tire registration.

You can download registration forms from the IDEM Forms page. Each form provides complete instructions about what information to submit. The "Registration Forms and Fees" table below will help you determine which forms you need for your registration(s), and which forms you need for submitting annual reports. The table also lists the fees and financial assurance requirements, where applicable.

A waste tire registration is valid for up to 5 years. To operate beyond the expiration date, you must submit a completed registration form to the address given on the registration form at least 60 days before the expiration date. Please include the appropriate fee and financial assurance documentation.

Please include all required information on the registration form, and attach additional information where requested, to ensure that we can process and issue your registration(s) in a timely manner. You may not operate a waste tire transporter business, processing facility, or storage site until you obtain the proper registration(s).

To protect Indiana taxpayers from the costs of cleaning up abandoned waste tires, Indiana’s Waste Tire Management rules require transporters and storage sites to post financial assurance. This financial assurance provides IDEM with funds to clean up and close a facility in the event that the registrant does not remove and properly dispose of tires remaining at an operation that goes out of business.

Before January 31 each year, you must also submit one or more annual reports for the previous calendar year. The table below lists the state forms you need. Storage sites must also submit a closure cost estimate (329 IAC 15-5-3.5).

If you have questions about registering as a waste tire facility, please call IDEM’s Solid Waste Permits Section:

  • Phone: (317) 232-4473
  • Toll Free: (800) 451-6027, ext. 2-4473
Registration Forms and Fees
Registration Type State Form Number for Initial Registration and Renewal Fee for Initial Registration Fee for Renewal Annual Fee Contingency Plan (State Form 54817) Required? Financial Assurance
Waste Tire Transporter State Form 47220 $25 $0 $25 No Fixed at $10,000
Waste Tire Processing Operation State Form 47221 $200 $200 $0 Yes, State Form 54817 is required with initial and renewal registration application None
Waste Tire Storage Site State Form 47222 $500 $0 $500 Yes, State Form 54817 is required with initial and renewal registration application Amount is based on estimated cleanup costs shown on State Form 53784

Also note that the following forms are not listed on the Registration Forms and Fees table but must be completed as appropriate:

  • Waste Tire Manifest (State Form 47273):
    • Waste Tire Transporters must complete this form for each shipment of waste tires, give copies to both the generator (source) of the waste tires and the receiver of the waste tires, and keep a copy on file for one (1) year. There is no fee associated with this form.
  • Waste Tire Facility Closure Notification (State Form 55351):
    • A registered facility that wants to close operations and discontinue its registration(s) must submit this form. There is no fee associated with this form. (See: Closing Facility and Ending Registration)

Remember, all of the forms listed on this page are available for download on the IDEM Forms page.