Storing, Processing, and Transporting

Certain businesses and individuals that process or store waste tires, or that are in the business of transporting waste tires, must register with IDEM’s Solid Waste Permits Section. Generally, anyone in the business of transporting waste tires must register as a Waste Tire Transporter; anyone accepting and processing waste tires must register as a Waste Tire Processing Operation; and anyone storing more than 1,000 passenger tire equivalents (PTEs) outdoors or 2,000 PTEs indoors must register as a Waste Tire Storage Site. (See definition of PTE) You may need one, two, or all three types of registrations, depending on your business. If you are a Waste Tire Processing Operation, you will need a Waste Tire Storage Registration if you accumulate 1,000 PTEs.

Some businesses and activities are excluded from the requirement for a registration. You do not need a storage or processing operation registration if you meet the following criteria in IC 13-20-13-1:

  1. You operate a solid waste processing facility under a valid permit issued by the IDEM commissioner.
  2. You operate a tire retreading facility at which fewer than 5,000 waste tires are present indoors within a completely enclosed structure. However, you may need an approval from IDEM’s Office of Air Quality (OAQ).
  3. You own or operate a vehicle or container in which waste tires are stored for less than 30 days.
  4. You own or operate a vehicle that is properly licensed, capable of legally transporting waste tires, and in which waste tires are completely enclosed.
  5. You are a local government sponsoring a waste tire amnesty day.
  6. You are a tire manufacturing facility storing 5,000 or fewer waste tires indoors, in an enclosed structure.

Legitimate Use

Waste tires may be used as an alternative fuel source in Indiana. This activity requires a registration under Indiana’s Alternative Fuel Source Rule at 329 IAC 11.7. Waste tire chips may be used in on-site sewage systems when approved by the Indiana Department of Health. The Use of Chipped Tires in Sewage Systems (Waste-0058, available on the Nonrule Policies page) provides guidance.

If you would like to use waste tires for any other purpose, contact IDEM to inquire if a legitimate use approval is necessary.