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Waste Tire Program

Waste Tire Program

Waste Tire Program

When waste tires are improperly stockpiled or illegally dumped, they trap rainwater and become breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes and rodents. Tire piles can also be a fire hazard. Tire fires are very difficult to extinguish, they release toxic gases into the air and leave behind an oily residue that can pollute streams and ground water. Waste tires need to be transported, processed and stored properly to prevent these problems.

Indiana law requires anyone storing waste tires to do so in a manner that protects human health and the environment, does not pose a fire hazard, and that controls vectors that pose a threat to human health (see IC 13-20-13-1.5). The Waste Tire Management rules (329 IAC 15) establish a registration program and specific operating requirements for certain waste tire businesses and activities. The International Fire Code in 675 IAC 22 also specifies requirements for safe handling of waste tires.

Indiana statutes and regulations referenced on this site can be viewed on the Indiana General Assembly website.