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Collection Container Systems

A collection container system is a group of containers for solid waste collection from noncommercial, nonindustrial, and noninstitutional sources, made available for use by the general public, such as a county-wide collection box system. The term is defined in the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) in 329 IAC 10-2-31 [PDF]. Operators of collection container systems must comply with the requirements in 329 IAC 12-4-1 [PDF] in order to protect human health and the environment.

Notification Requirement

Operators of collection container systems must file a notification with IDEM and receive approval before beginning operations. At this time, there is no official IDEM form for submitting the notification. Operators must submit a letter to the Solid Waste Permits Section via email or U.S. mail. The notification must include:

  • A topographic map showing the collection container site(s)
  • A brief description of the proposed operation, including:
    • Anticipated sources and quantities of incoming solid waste
    • Names and locations of all solid waste incinerators and land disposal facilities where the waste from the containers will be disposed
    • Frequency of collection container pickup for transport to the receiving facility
    • Procedures for controlling odors, fire, vectors, litter, and handling bulk waste at the site(s)

Approvals are site specific. If an operator plans to change the location of an approved collection container system, a new notification must be filed with IDEM and approval must be received before relocating the system.

Operating Requirements

Operators of collection container systems must:

  • Confine the solid waste to the site’s storage, loading, and unloading areas
  • Keep the containers and adjacent areas clean and litter free
  • Clean the collection containers as needed to prevent a nuisance or public health hazard

For Assistance

Please contact the Solid Waste Permits Section staff for more information or assistance.