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Solid Waste Operator Certification

Individuals responsible for operation of the following solid waste facilities are required have a valid operator certification:

  1. Permitted solid waste incinerators and waste-to-energy facilities
  2. Permitted municipal and nonmunicipal solid waste land disposal facilities
  3. Permitted restricted waste sites and construction/demolition sites

The operators must have a valid certification until final closure of the facility.

The following operators are considered to be certified operators and therefore, need not apply for the operator certification from OLQ:

  • Operators of permitted hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDFs) that comply with the training requirements of the hazardous waste rules (329 IAC 3.1-9)
  • Operators of permitted municipal solid waste incinerators defined in 329 IAC 11-2-16 that complies with the training requirements in 326 IAC 11-7-5.

Solid waste Management facilities must have a certified operator present or available by phone at all times.

There are 4 categories of operator certifications, depending on the type of operation. The training and examination requirements for different classification of operator certification are specified in 329 IAC 12.

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