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Hazardous Waste Transfer Facilities Notification

On February 17, 1998, the Solid Waste Management Board adopted changes and additions to 329 IAC 3.1-8. This rule requires hazardous waste transfer facilities that perform certain activities to notify the Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) of their existence and activities. The rule became effective June 26, 1998.

This is a one-time notification, requiring one notification for each transfer facility in existence. If any information in the submitted notification changes, the owner or operator must notify IDEM of these changes. Household hazardous waste collection points are exempt from this process.

A specific form is not required by the rule, but we would appreciate your using the Hazardous Waste Transfer Facilities Notification (State Form 52123, available on the IDEM Forms page) to provide notification. A fact sheet about the rule is on the back of the form.

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