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Auto Salvage Facilities

When an automobile is no longer useful as a mode of transportation, it is not simply disposed of since it has many different parts that are still valuable. The business of salvaging these parts from old vehicles has evolved into a sophisticated market and technology-driven industry that must constantly change in response to innovations in automotive technology and manufacturing techniques.

The auto recycling/auto salvage business sector is over 75 years old, and to be competitive and profitable in today's markets, the auto recycling and salvage process must involve more than merely crushing wrecked, abandoned, and worn-out motor vehicles. The modern-day auto recycler must establish operating practices that realize the maximum market value of every end-of-life vehicle taken in, as well as provide environmental protection within the community. IDEM is committed to helping auto salvage recyclers ensure environmental protection.

IDEM is committed to helping auto salvage recyclers ensure environmental protection. The Auto Salvage Recyclers Environmental Self-Audit Workbook [PDF] is there to explain the environmental regulations that apply to them. The Indiana Clean Yard Program uses this workbook to help give awards to those who complete the guidelines of the program.

State Forms for Auto Recyclers

The following forms (available on the IDEM Forms page) provide you with all of you need for applying and operating an auto salvage business while staying environmentally conscious.

  • Application for Indiana Salvage Motor Vehicle Business License - 40248
  • Auto Salvage Recyclers Certification Program Certification Statement - 53766
  • Auto Salvage Recyclers Environmental Self-Audit Checklist - 53765
  • Indiana Clean Yard Best Management Practices Checklist - 53924
  • Payment for Mercury Switches from End-of-life Vehicles (ELVs) - 53238

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