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Electronic Waste & E-Waste Recyclers

When electronic devices must be disposed, they are considered to be electronic waste, or e-waste. This category of waste includes material that contains a circuit board, electronic component (diode, resistor, capacitor, or coil), display device, or computer. It does not include vehicles or white goods like refrigerators, ranges, water heaters, or other similar large appliances.

State law prohibits households, small businesses, and schools from putting e-waste in the trash. Local collection sites will accept unwanted items; the IDEM Recycle Indiana: Indiana E-Cycle page has a list of e-cycle collectors by county.


Indiana’s Electronic Waste Management Rules in 329 IAC 16 establish a registration program and specific operating requirements for certain e-waste businesses and activities. A registration is required for facilities storing and processing e-wastes. The rules apply to anyone that collects, brokers, stores, recycles, resells, dismantles, or demanufactures e-waste which include shredded circuit boards. The rules outline the storage, operating, training, disposal, and cleanup/closure requirements.

Certain facilities are excluded from registration requirements:

  • Sites collecting and storing less than 23 tons in a building or lockable trailer
  • Sites collecting e-waste that is removed within 5 business days to a registered or permitted facility
  • Brokers not taking possession of the e-waste
  • Permitted facilities
  • Sites that store and process their own e-waste
  • Hazardous waste generators that comply with specific requirements
  • Recycling operations that have incidental amounts of e-waste mixed with larger volumes of recyclables

Registration Process

To register an e-waste facility, the applicant must

  • Submit a completed registration form (available on the IDEM Forms page) which provides IDEM with the basic information about the facility and its operation.
  • Submit a contingency plan that sets out an organized, planned, and coordinated course of action to be followed in case of an emergency.
  • Submit a surety bond, Letter of Credit (form available on the IDEM Forms page) or funded Trust Fund for the financial assurance needed to clean-up and officially close a site if the owners/operators were to abandon or improperly close the facility.

Registrations are valid for up to five years and there is no fee to obtain one. A renewal application must be submitted 60 days before the expiration date and the registration is not transferable. There is a list of currently registered e-waste storage and processing facilities [PDF] available.

There are subject-specific contacts under e-waste inquiries who can help you understand the rules or if your facility is required to register.

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