Explanation of the Air Monitoring Process for the SW Indy Air Toxics Study

The following pages contain monitoring data archived for the Southwest Indianapolis Air Toxics Project, a two-year study funded by the U.S. EPA, which commenced October 1, 2006.

The Sites:

IDEM established two monitoring sites within the study area for this project that meet U.S. EPA standards for ambient air monitoring locations outlined in the Quality Assurance Handbook for Air Pollution Measurement Systems - Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Program Quality System Development EPA-454/R-98-004.

One site is located at Stout Field National Guard Armory, 1802 South Holt Road. The other is located 1321 South Harding Street. Each monitor is strategically located based on an evaluation of U.S. EPA's 1996 and 1999 NATA; its proximity to major sources for HAP emissions; its proximity to areas where the public lives and congregates; and its history of housing operating monitors.

Data Collection

Both sites will collect 24-hour composite samples, collecting samples once every six days. Data will be posted to the website 3-4 months from the time that the samples are collected. This delay is a result of the time required to gather enough samples to run a batch process; the time needed to ship samples and run various analyses; and the time associated with the Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) process.


Each monitoring site houses a variety of U.S. EPA-approved equipment that will sample for a particular chemical.

Location Type of Sampler Chemical Method of Analysis Laboratory
Stout Field & Harding St. PM-10 Samplers Trace metals U.S. EPA Compendium Method IO-3.2 ERG**
Stout Field & Harding St. Atec 2-Channel DNPH (2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine) tube samplers Carbonyl U.S. EPA Method TO-11A ERG**
Stout Field & Harding St. 6-liter stainless steel Summa-polished canisters w/ Meritor air toxic samplers Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) U.S. EPA Method TO-15 Air Toxic Monitoring Section, Office of Air Quality
Harding Street only* RMESI Model 924 Chromium VI

IC-UV Detector
CARB Method
MLD 039


*Note: Sampling from October 1, 2006 to October 1, 2007 only.
** Eastern Research Group, Inc.

All data is presented in MS Excel format with a separate tab for each parameter and all data is reported in units of micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3). Any concentration(s) reported at a level of 0.00 will be reported as non-detect or "ND" and values below the detection limits will be reported as "BDL" in the data tables.