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Storm Water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP)

The Storm Water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) is divided into three distinct components. The first part of the SWQMP is Part A or the initial application. Part B is the Baseline Characterization, and the third component is the Implementation Plan and is designated as Part C. Below is a brief description of each component of the SWQMP. Additional information is available in 327 IAC 15-13 (Rule 13) and the.

SWQMP - Part A: Initial Application

The SWQMP-Part A: Initial Application is required to be submitted with the Notice of Intent. This form can be accessed at NOI Form - State Form 51277 (available on the IDEM Agency Forms page). Part A must contain these three elements:

  • A written listing of the MS4 entities within an MS4 area that will be covered by the NOI letter submittal. The listing must provide the name of each MS4 entity, a responsible individual for each MS4 entity, and contact information for each MS4 entity.
  • A program implementation schedule. This schedule must provide a timeline of key permit activities. This timeline can include any relevant activities to the program and time frames that are reflective of the MS4 area’s priorities, but it must be consistent with the Compliance Schedule as outlined in the Rule.
  • A written budget that projects the allocation for the MS4 area’s storm water program. The budget must also include a summary of identified funding sources. If multiple MS4 entities are applying under a single NOI letter, the budget allocation must be separated by each MS4 entity. The budget will help IDEM ensure that an initial amount of funding is being allocated to the storm water program, and for those programs that have funding sources the budget, will identify those sources.

This budget estimate does not need to be exact, and the monetary amount, by itself, will not be used by IDEM as a compliance tool. If funds have not been allocated for implementation of a storm water program by one or more of the MS4 entities, this budgetary information should include a narrative description of the proposed budgetary plan for allocating funding for the storm water program. If appropriate, this proposed plan can be altered after the NOI letter submittal. A revised plan can be submitted as part of the more detailed budgetary submittal required with the SWQMP-Part C: Program Implementation.

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