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Monthly Construction Reports

An MS4 operator is required to submit a monthly construction site project summary to IDEM. The primary purpose of submitting construction site summaries is to ensure that the program established by a regulated MS4 entity is being adequately implemented. This program adequacy corresponds to permitting projects, enforcing program requirements, conducting construction plan review, compliance inspections, and tracking projects for completion. In addition, IDEM will cross reference the MS4 report with the 327 IAC 15-5 (Rule 5) database to ensure that local permittees are continuing to file a Notice of Intent with IDEM. However, the Rule also allows an alternative for the submittal of these documents. An MS4 operator is no longer required to submit the monthly construction site project summary reports to IDEM unless requested. The MS4 Operator shall continue to keep a summary report of construction activities that are required by the Rule (refer to content requirements below) and maintain those reports with their permit compliance documentation. The summary may be kept on State Form 51276 or in an equivalent informational format.

Monthly Construction Reports Content as Required by Rule:

The monthly summary report of construction activities must address newly permitted projects, terminated projects, and those projects where the MS4 has initiated an enforcement action. Some MS4 entity construction site runoff control programs may regulate construction activities below the state threshold of one acre of land disturbance. Construction site activities only need to be listed in the monthly summaries when they result in one or more acres of land disturbance. The information should also include the project name, the project address/location, project duration, and permit status. The reverse side of the form provides information and definitions for required item.

If the reports are requested, the summary must be submitted to IDEM on either the state form (Reporting Construction - State Form 51276 -- available on the IDEM Agency Forms page) or on an equivalent informational format. Reports should be mailed to the MS4 Coordinator and postmarked no later than the last day of the following month. Electronic submittals are also acceptable and the preferred method of receipt. Please direct the e-mail to the MS4 Coordinator. A report is not required to be filed, in a given month, if there is nothing to report.

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