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Notice of Intent (NOI) Letter Submittal

If a facility is subject to Rule 6, facility representatives must submit an NOI letter, a proof of publication, and a fifty (50) dollar filing fee to IDEM either after notification by IDEM or prior to beginning industrial activities at the facility.

Newly constructed industrial facilities must submit an NOI at least 90 days prior to starting industrial operations. Existing industrial facilities that have already obtained a Rule 6 General Permit are required to re-submit an NOI at least 90 days prior to the expiration date of the industrial facility’s permit. Existing industrial facilities that are not regulated by Rule 6, but meet the applicability of Rule 6 are required to submit an NOI and therefore are operating without a required permit.

A Notice of Intent form (State Form 51286, available on the IDEM Forms page) has been developed for facilities meeting the applicability requirements of Rule 6.

Note: Always verify with the website to ensure that you are using the most current form.

The NOI form contains specific instructions to assist the applicant in completing the form. In addition, the following information and links may prove helpful:

  • Identifying Facility Latitude and Longitude Coordinates
  • Obtaining MS4 Entity Information:
    • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) entities are cities, towns, counties, colleges, universities, correctional facilities, homeowner's associations, conservancy districts, military bases, and hospitals that have responsibility for maintaining or operating a storm water conveyance or system of conveyances.
    • If an industrial facility is located within the jurisdictional boundaries of one, or more, of these MS4 entities subject to Rule 13, the facility may also need to comply with local run-off control requirements. An MS4 entity listing for those entities regulated under Rule 13 and additional information about the requirements placed on these entities are available from the Rule 13 web page.
  • Identifying your SIC code:
    • Industrial facilities generally are classified by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code. This code is a four-digit number that corresponds to the type of industrial activity at a facility, and can be determined, on-line, from the OSHA web page. Facilities currently using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) can find conversion tables into SIC Code online.
  • The NOI submittal must include the following attachments:
    • Proof of Publication: All operators of industrial facilities are required to advertise in a newspaper of general circulation in the area that the facility is located.
    • General Permit Filing Fee of $50: The fee may be paid by a check or money order made payable to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Please identify Rule 6 as the applicable program and identify the facility name.

Note: Facilities permitted under Rule 6 are also subject to an annual fee of $100. Each facility permitted will receive an invoice from IDEM.

The original NOI must be submitted to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). The completed form and all attachments should be sent to the following address:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Attention: Storm Water Program
100 North Senate Avenue
IGCN 1255
Indianapolis, IN 46204

For more information regarding the applicability requirements for 327 IAC 15-6, please contact the Storm Water Permit Coordinator.

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