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Office of Water Quality

For assistance with storm water related topics (construction site run-off, industrial, and MS4), please contact:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Water Quality, Wetlands and Storm Water Section
100 North Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251

The Storm Water Program is part of the Wetlands and Storm Water Section within the Office of Water Quality. Staff within these programs (Storm Water and Wetlands) administers their respective programs in relation to permitting, compliance, and outreach. However, as part of the Section, staff from both program areas coordinates on projects for which activities may be associated with either program. Contact information for the Wetlands Program Staff.

Storm Water Program

Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Water Quality, Storm Water Program
100 North Senate Avenue Room 1255
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Storm Water Program Staff

Storm Water Inspectors Map
Wetlands and Storm Water Section, Storm Water Program
  • Storm Water Permit Coordinator: Eric Roberts, (317) 233-1864, eroberts@idem.IN.gov
    • This position has primary responsibility for processing Notices of Intent and Notices of Termination, reviewing permit reports and monitoring data, and providing information to permittees and the public for the Construction Site Run-off program and Industrial Storm Water program. This position will conduct periodic inspections and works on special projects program initiatives.
  • MS4 Coordinator: Staci Goodwin, (317) 234-1601, (317) 502-0120, sgoodwin@idem.IN.gov
    • This position has primary responsibility for administration of the MS4 Program. Duties include MS4 audits, complaint investigation, and MS4 facility inspection.
Regional Storm Water Specialists

These positions are assigned regional (multi-county) responsibilities to assess compliance with construction site run-off and industrial storm water permits. These staff also perform audits of MS4 construction and post-construction program elements.

General IDEM Information

IDEM Interactive Regional Staff and Inspectors Map

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