Mercury: Gauges

Many barometers, manometers, blood pressure, and vacuum gauges contain mercury. Liquid mercury in the gauges responds to air pressure in a precise way that can be read on a calibrated scale.

These gauges must be recycled at the end of their useful lives. If the gauges are not recycled, the mercury may contaminate the water you drink and the air you breathe.

Mercury gauges occasionally need servicing to maintain their accuracy, which often results in elemental mercury waste that should be recycled. If you have a mercury gauge, recycle it and purchase a mercury-free replacement.

Mercury Gauges Disposal Guidelines

Identify gauges that contain mercury
  • Use stickers or some other form of identification to mark them. 
  • Contact IDEM for free mercury stickers:
Properly dispose mercury gauges - recycle them!
  • When a mercury gauge no longer functions properly, store it in a sealed, plastic container and mark it "Mercury for Recycling."
  • Take the container to a local mercury recycling site, such as your local solid waste management district, or in Marion County, contact the ToxDrop at (317) 327-2234.
Before you buy, check what's inside