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Waste Tires

The goal of Indiana's Waste Tire Management Program is to develop and advance the management of waste tires in Indiana. IDEM seeks to develop strategies that recognize waste tires as a marketable resource rather than a waste stream for disposal. The agency supports and provides technical assistance for source reduction, re-use, recycling and proper management of waste tires.

Why are Waste Tires a Concern?

When tires are improperly stockpiled or illegally dumped, they trap rainwater and become breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes and rodents. Another problem with tire storage piles is that they pose a major fire hazard and are extremely difficult to extinguish. Burning tires release toxic gases into the air and leave behind a hazardous oily residue that pollutes streams and ground water. The accumulation of waste tires is restricted to less than 1000 outdoors or 2000 within an enclosed structure.

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How Do I Get Rid of Waste Tires?

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