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Annual Partners P2 Reporting Highlighting Major Achievements

The Partners for Pollution Prevention annually report on the results of their pollution prevention initiatives. The annual reporting deadline for 2017 for the Partners was June 1, 2018. Total environmental benefits reported by members for 2017 include:

  • Air Emissions Reductions (pounds/year)
    • Greenhouse gases: 24,000,000
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs: 39,767
    • Nitrogen Oxides (NOX): 4,196,000
    • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2): 13,040,000
    • Particulate Matter PM 10: 728,000
    • Particulate Matter PM 2.5: 480,000
  • Solid Waste Reductions (pounds/year): 36,070,894
  • Water Usage Reductions (gallons/year): 26,643,758
  • Non-Hazardous Material Reductions (pounds/year): 27,286,088
  • Hazardous Material Reductions (pounds/year): 938,875
  • Hazardous Waste Reductions (pounds/year): 84,283,686
  • Electricity Usage Reductions (kwh): 25,665,367
  • Natural Gas Usage Reductions (Btu): 79,812,433,347

Summer 2019 Externship Opportunity

The Indiana Sustainability Development Program (ISDP) is a sustainability-focused workforce development program for IU undergraduate and graduate students. The ISDP is currently recruiting partner businesses interested in placing externs in sustainability-focused positions within their organizations for the summer of 2019. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to tackle organizational sustainability challenges with the help of a full-time, professionally trained undergraduate/graduate student. Externships are for 10-12 weeks over the summer and aim to benefit the partner business, as well as, help prepare these students for future sustainability careers.

If your business or organization is engaged in or interested in implementing pollution prevention and sustainability practices, Sustain IU wants to partner with you. Recruitment is open now and continues through December 2018. Please review the ISDP flyer [PDF] for more information, or contact Danni Schaust (danmcphe@iu.edu), ISDP Outreach Coordinator with questions.

Quarterly Meetings

In addition to the annual conference, the Partners for Pollution Prevention organize meetings on a quarterly basis. Upcoming quarterly meetings and past presentations are posted to the Partner Events page.

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