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The Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention (Partners) is an organization comprised of Indiana industries, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that volunteer for a public-private partnership with IDEM to promote pollution prevention and environmental stewardship in Indiana. Networking and training opportunities are hosted throughout the state on a quarterly basis, including an annual conference and tradeshow in September. To stay informed on Partner Events, sign up for notifications through GovDelivery.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Partners for Pollution Prevention Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly Meetings and Annual Conference Presentations

The Partners invite speakers to make presentations at quarterly meetings and the annual conference. IDEM hosts this page for presentations and other written materials from speakers dating back to 2007. IDEM does not review or edit the content of those presentations and therefore does not endorse the content of any presentation posted on this page.


June 12, 2019 Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis


December 12, 2018 Rolls-Royce Corporation, Indianapolis Training Center
September 19, 2018: 21st Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Tradeshow "Sustainability: Pollution Prevention is a Piece of the Puzzle"
June 20, 2018: Partners For Pollution Prevention Quarterly Meeting
March 28, 2018: Partners For Pollution Prevention Quarterly Meeting

Historical Meeting Presentations

The following zipped files each contain a year’s worth of presentations. Many of them are quite large, over 20 megabytes (MB), and may take considerable time to download on slower internet connections.

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