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Partners for Pollution Prevention

The Partners for Pollution Prevention (Partners) is an organization comprised of Indiana industries, businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities that are interested in pollution prevention (P2) and the financial and environmental benefits P2 projects can bring. The Partners provide a forum where Indiana businesses can network with one another, share P2 experiences and ideas, and discuss P2’s integration into IDEM’s environmental policies and programs. The Partners realize that pollution prevention is an arena where the environment and the economy can meet on common ground.

You should consider becoming a Partner if you wish to:

  1. Network with other Indiana businesses that are interested in P2;
  2. Earn recognition for your organization as a leader in pollution prevention;
  3. Learn how other businesses have implemented successful P2 technologies;
  4. Learn how P2 can improve your business practices;
  5. Stay up to date with P2 technologies; and,
  6. Become more aware of, and involved in, IDEM's efforts to integrate P2 into various programs.

Partners for Pollution Prevention

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