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GAEE: Nomination Process

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Nomination Deadline

The deadline for acceptance of nominations for the 2024 Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence has been extended until Friday, March 15, 2024. The previous deadline was March 1, 2024.

Eligibility Requirements

Indiana citizens, government agencies, businesses, organizations, and educational institutions may submit a nomination or be nominated for the award. For a program or project to be eligible, it must have been:

  • Located in Indiana.
  • Fully implemented/finalized in the two years prior to the nomination deadline or, for long term projects, finalized by the year prior to the nomination deadline.
  • Performed voluntarily (not the result of federal or state mandates, regulations, or enforcement decrees).
  • Be in good standing with all Indiana State agencies.

Guidelines for Preparing a Nomination

Complete the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence Nomination Form on the IDEM Forms Page.

Nomination Writing Tips:

  • Write in plain language and avoid the use of technical jargon. Nominations are evaluated by a wide variety of reviewers with varied backgrounds.
  • Review the “Award Category” descriptions and ensure the project qualifies.
  • Provide clear, measurable, and documented metrics. Review the Metrics Table in the “Award Criteria” section and ensure the nomination adheres to the suggested formats when communicating metrics.
  • For questions about the nomination process, or assistance in compiling your nomination please contact the Indiana Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence.

The nomination packet should include:

  1. A completed GAEE Nomination Form
  2. Four photos of the project with explanations, preferably in a PowerPoint
  3. Any supplemental material(s).

Submit one (1) copy of the nomination packet by U.S. Mail, email, or hand delivery to the Office of Program Support. Nominations must be received by IDEM no later than 5:00 PM EST on Monday, March 15, 2024.

Once submitted, if you do not receive confirmation of receipt, please contact the Office of Program Support.

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